Praying with Mary Jean

by Kathy Gautcher

One Tuesday morning this fall I saw Mary Jean leave church before Mass had started. I could tell she was either crying or was about ready to cry. Earlier this fall Mary Jean had to make the decision to place her husband in a nursing home. He suffers from Alzheimer's, and she could no longer care for him. I prayed for Mary Jean during Mass and she was very heavy on my heart.

This particular tuesday was a very busy day for me. At Bible study I told my group that I would not be able to pray with them that afternoon. My apples had come in and this afternoon was the only time I had to make and can applesauce. These lovely ladies all said they would come over and help me. All the while my mind is on Mary Jean, and I felt so helpless.

Because of the help I had with my applesauce I now had some extra time. A few days earlier I bought a card for Mary Jean and I thought I would just take the card over and put it her mail box. As I approached the house I felt the Lord encourage me to give the card to her personally. Well, I said if she answers the door then I guess I am to spend some time with her.

Mary Jean answered the door and we visited a while, then I said "How are you doing?" Mary Jean started to cry and I just held her as she shed her tears. Then I said lets pray. (I had prayed with Mary Jean before but I had never used any of the gifts.) We were praying and I felt the Lord again encourage me. This time he wanted to pray in my prayer language. "Mary Jean", I said, "I pray in tongues and I feel I am to us that gift now". Her answer, "I don't care how you pray, just pray and do something. Something has to happen." Praise God!

I let go and went full force praying in tongues. As I was praying Mary Jean started praising God and then she rested in the Spirit. I just held her and continued to praise God.

When Mary Jean was done resting I suggested that we go through the house and Bless the entire house. She got her bottle of Holy Water and we started blessing the house. We went from room to room binding any evil and losing the Spirit of Christ.

When we got to the attic I felt the spirit of oppression as I have never felt it before. I started praying in English and in tongues as I bound this Spirit of oppression. God is so good! I experienced something I have never experienced before. As we were praying I felt something leave the attic. We could almost hear it leave. Mary Jean screamed, "It's gone, Kathy it's gone Praise God." We immediately loosed the Spirit of peace. joy and love to fill the void.

Mary Jean still has her days that are hard but she also has a peace within her. She has said many times how her home is at peace and she can relax in her home. We can not take away another persons pain, but we can help them carry their cross, and what better way than in prayer. I praise God for what He did that day and, in bringing peace to Mary Jean and for showing me that I was not helpless, but doing what God asked me to do. He truly had every minute of that day planed for both of us.

All Glory to you Lord God!

From UPCC Newsletter, Diocese of Marquette Michigan (Spring,1997)