Yaweh's Yoopers are no strangers to the Charismatic Gifts


Deacon Mike LeBeau

Deacon Mike leBeau lives in Escanaba and is assigned to St. Anne Parish
I have been asked to write an article on what charismatic gifts our group, known as the Yahweh’s Yoopers, have used over the years. Before giving this testimonial, I feel it is important to share, “what are Yaweh’s Yooper”? For one to be officially recognized as a member of Yaweh’s Yoopers, they must have attended and/or participated in a High School Youth Conference. The group called Yaweh’s Yoopers have been attending or putting on their own conferences since 1989. Their mission statement follows:

We are a prayerful, bold speaking, God seeking, group of Catholics, whose mission is to instill a hunger in youth for a Eucharistic, Christ-centered life.

Now that you have an idea who Yahweh’s Yoopers are I will share the different ways in which the charismatic gifts have been used. Over the past fifteen years I have seen a variety of charismatic gifts used by young people throught our diocese.

When we think of charismatic gifts, we think of healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, deliverance from evil spirits, visions, miracles, resting in the Spirit, and many more. I must say that all the above have been manifested in some way or another during the last fifteen years.

When Charismatics start sharing how God is moving, the testimonials never seem to end. Here are a few that I have witnessed.

Several years ago, we were on a bus and a young woman, Melissa, asked for prayers. She had Crohn’s disease and asked for prayers por healing. Melissa didn’t receive the healing we wanted her to have, but her family was being transformed by the power of Christ. Melissa started attending all the healing Masses in the area; she became a young woman on fire for God. Her family didn’t go to Church, and didn’t believe in the power of prayer, but her faith transformed her family. One year after her trip to Steubenville, her whole family came with us to Steubenville.

Another story: Two years ago we had a girl from Powers/Spalding who had a vision during the high school conference; she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus appear on the back wall of the conference hall as the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament passed in front of her. She went on to believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time.

During the conference last year several of iur students and adults received the gift of tongues as they were praying for others.

Several years ago I had a student come to me and ask if a person could be in two places at one time. This young man went on to tell me that while he was home with his parents, he was at a convention leading another man to Christ. He shared this with his parents and they didn’t believe him until a week later when they met the young man their son had led to Christ. The story unfolded and all were amazed. Bi-location? Only God knows. The youth don’t put limitations on God and that’s why the Lord moves in them with such power.

From the Diocese of Marquette Michigan, U.P. Catholic Charismatic Newsletter (Summer 2005) .