My Journey


Corinne Holysaz

The ladies in white are Corinne Holysaz and Geri Franz. They are members of the Children of Living God Prayer Group in Munsing, Michigan.

I started going to Sacred Heart Church in Munising once in a while. Then when I met Geri Franz I went almost regularly every Saturday afternoon. On the way there Geri would tell me about trips she made to Marygrove for the Charismatic Retreat, days of Renewal and conferences. She shared with me about the Baptism in the Spirit and how lives were changed for the better. After listening to her stories I finally asked, “How does one go about making these trips?” She responded with a question, “Would you be interested in going to Wednesday night prayer meeting with me?” Surely I was interested.

May of this year I attended my first prayer meeting. The Life in the Spirit Seminar was in progress. Words cannot express how I took to the prayer meetings. The faces of these men and women were so happy looking; they appeared joyful, the same way I felt at my first meeting. I began attending the prayer meetings regularly, learning to be part of the group. I was full of excitement to learn more about the Lord, the Bible, and how to praise God. I believe the Holy Spirit really lives in me. He is no longer way out there but he dwells in me. I have this assurance deep in my heart. I used to pray to the Lord as if he were far away. Not any more. I am aware of his presence within when I pray, work, what ever I do. This is something totally new, far different from what it used to be. Jesus is in me and I am a part of Him.

I enjoy attending Mass and one day my husband, Patrick, who was raised Catholic, wanted to go to Church on Sunday. He talked to Father Dennis to set up a time for Confession. The first Sunday of October my husband received Holy Communion for the first time in 40 years. After Church that Sunday he came home, called his parents and told them about confession and communion. First thing Mom said was, “Welcome home Son!” I wanted to cry for joy and so did his parents. I also shared with them how I am converting from a Methodist to a Catholic.

Since I experienced God dwelling within me, a day doesn’t go by without me praising and thanking him morning and night. He alone is the Way. I want the Lord in me at the end when I will be born into eternal life. You can have this experience of the Lord too. What’s more, God wants you to have it.

From the Diocese of Marquette Michigan, U.P. Catholic Charismatic Newsletter Fall/Winter, 2003)