Dear Kids:

I know this letter surprizes you. It's probably one of the first I have written to you. No, I am not dying nor do I expect to in the near future.

I have been procrastinating with the Lord over this and finally decided I had better pay attention to what He was saying. About 8 months ago He told me I owed you each an apology. At first I said, 'For what?" Then he took me through my pre teen years when your grandfather was gone so much of the time (Adm Blair served on subs during WW II). I found out I really loved him and missed him very much. the Lord chastised me by saying I had essentially done the same thing to you and, as usual He is right.

So I am asking each of you to forgive me. Please don't say it is not necessary, just say, Dad, I forgive you' (That is if you can). You don't even have to say it to anyone. Just say it in your heart. I am really sorry that we didn't have as much time together as we should have. Unfortunately in those days my job and fellow workers were too important, too high on my priority list. Talk about false gods! I put them before you and mom and even the Lord.

I thank the Lord He saw fit not to call me home before I finally found Him, began talking to Him and finally started listening to Him. As I said He chastises but does not condemn. I know that His forgiveness is always available, even when I put Him off. I only hope you can forgive me as readily as He does.

I am sorry for the time we didn't have. I am sorry for ignoring your even when I was home. I am sorry for not devoting more time with you helping you with your studies. but more than anything I am sorry that I did not have the loving relationship with God that would allow me to bring you to Him in a stronger way. I wish I could have introduced you to Him so you could feel the joy and peace and the love that comes from Him. I wish we could go back and live our lives over. I am sure I would improve the second time around.

I thank the Lord that you each have grown up to be wonderful people, You are children of God and good neighbors. You did this in spite of my sins of omission and I am eternally grateful the Lord blessed you so. He truly is a beautiful God.

I think I always believed in God but I did not really come to know Him until 3 years ago after we moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I first came in contact with Him I didn't really realize how He was changing me.

Gradually I have been able to get out of the TV idolatry and drinking to excess. I guess when it came right down to it, when I finally felt and knew His presence in my life, His love for me, His joy - TV and drinking really paled in comparison to Him.

I'm really not capable of describing just how satisfying the presence of God is - just take my word for it - it is beautiful. I know some of you have experienced this. If not, take a little time to talk to him (that's prayer). Praise Him. thank Him. Ask Him to come to you. Then listen for Him. You will be surprised at the results. He will change your life.

I have rambled more than I intended. The main purpose for this letter was to ask for your forgiveness. I didn't expect to preach but the Holy Spirit must be urging me on.

Anyway, I want you to know I love you ALL. You are in my prayers and thoughts all the time.

In Christ, Dad

from UPCC Newsletter, diocese of Marquette Michigan (November 14, 1989)

Foot note: Peter Blair didn't write this for the Newsletter. It was sent to his 7 children. It was in response to a prompting from the Lord that this needed to be done. In 1989 Father Zeugner, Peter's spiritual director, asked if he could publish it. 4 short years later Father read it at Peter's funeral. (then wrestling coach Ed Peery took it to the Naval Academy and read it at Pete's Memorial Service.) Peter's funeral was a Charismatic wedding feast. It celebrated his new life in Christ. He died on June 29, the feast day of Peter and Paul.

Peter Steele Blair was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served in the Navy, retiring as a Commander. He was Captain of the the U S Wrestling Free Style Team in the 1956 Olympics (Melbourn Australia) and won a bronze medal. This followed 2 NCAA Championships an AAU Championship and many other awards. As a coach, he was known by the midshipman as the man of steel with a gentle heart.