Preparation for the Jubilee



by Kathy Gautcher

T.M.A. Par #44
"1998, the second year of the preparatory phase, will be dedicated in a particular way to the Holy Spirit and to His sanctifying presence with the community of Christ's disciples."

This is the year for us, the Charismatic Renewal to celebrate and to invite more people to the life in the Spirit than we ever have before. There is an invitation out to all prayer groups to have at least one Life in the Spirit Seminar in the year 1998. If you already have one a year, maybe you could plan on presenting two this coming year.

T.M.A. Par #44 continues,
"The Church cannot prepare for the new millennium in any other way than in the Holy Spirit."

This is the year for us to step out in boldness as we have never done before. The Spirit will lead the Church into the new millennium, the same Holy Spirit that has been leading the renewal for the past thirty years!

T.M.A. #45
"The primary tasks of the preparation for the Jubilee thus include a renewed appreciation of the presence and activity of the Spirit, who acts within the Church both in the Sacraments, especially in Confirmation, and in the variety of charisms, roles and ministries which he inspires for the good of the Church."

Have you noticed in your parish how many people have become involved in C.C.D., Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Youth Group, Liturgy for Children, Children's' Church, visiting the sick and home bound, and many, many more ministries, that have at one time or another been involved in the renewal? The renewal is at the very heart of the Church!

T.M.A. #45 continues,
"In our own day, too, the Spirit is the principal agent of the new evangelization. Hence it will be important to gain a renewed appreciation of the Spirit as the one who builds the Kingdom of God within the course of history and prepares its full manifestation in Jesus Christ, stirring peoples hearts and quickening in our world the seeds of the full salvation which will come at the end of time."

We who have been evangelized and are daily drawing closer to God are being called to evangelize our brothers and sisters in our church and in our communities. We are to share with others what Jesus has done in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

T.M.A. Par #47
"The reflection of the faithful in the second year of preparation ought to focus particularly on the value of unity within the Church, to which the various gifts and charisms bestowed upon her by the Spirit are directed."

The U.P. Service team has for the past few months been given the word that God wants unity within the service team, prayer groups, and within the Church. A call to unity is very important to the Jubilee.

The Pope closes this part of his letter with a final note about our Blessed Mother:

T.M.A. #48
"Mary, who conceived the Incarnate Word by the power of the Holy Spirit and then in the whole of her life allowed herself to be guided by his interior activity, will be contemplated and imitated during this year above all as the woman who was docile to the voice of the Spirit, a woman who, like Abraham, accepted God's will hoping against hope. Mary gave full expression to the longing of the poor of Yahweh and is a radiant model for those who entrust themselves with all their hearts to the promise of God."

Let us allow Mary to teach us how to be docile to the movement of the Spirit in our lives. May Mary show us how we are to be obedient to her Son.

From the Winter 97/98 issue of the UP Catholic Charismatic Newsletter