Using the Gifts in My Daily Life


Kathy Gautcher

I have been greatly blessed to be allowed to bring Jesus to our shut ins in the form of the Most Holy Eucharist. We usually visit for awhile and then have a service. Often after the person has received Jesus I will pray for him or her silently using the gift of tongues. Often I receive a prophecy for the person I am with. I never give the prophecy in the normal form - in the first person - unless they are familiar and knowledgeable about it. Rather, I will say something like; "I feel the Lord wants you to know that He loves you very much", or "He wants you to know that He is with you". This has been a blessing for me and I find our people very open to this. Using these gifts is always accompanied with a peace and joy in the Lord.
A friend of mine, Dick, had an inoperable brain tumor this last spring. I was able to bring Dick Communion weekly. Dick's wife asked me one week to lay hands on him for pray for him. As I prayed there was a peace and a real sense of the presence of God in the room with us. The following week when I went to see Dick I found he had gotten a lot worse. After receiving Communion I felt again to lay hands on him and pray for him. I started to pray and then I choked up. I could not do anything or say anything except stand there and weep for him and his family. God had graced me with the gifts of compassion and tears.
After Dick's funeral his wife told me how much that prayer meant to them and that it had brought comfort to both of them. I am thankful that I was open and obedient to the Holy Sprit.
I was at a conference and on an intercessory prayer team when a woman came up and asked that we pray with the intention that God would take away her backache and sore legs.
She said she was tired of all the "crap". As we were praying I had a word of knowledge for her. I felt that the Lord was offended with her attitude, because He saw this as an opportunity to offer her suffering up to Him for maybe someone's conversion. After I shared this word with her, she changed her attitude to acceptance. The next morning she told me she had slept better that night than for a long time.
Mary Jean's husband had died and while I was in prayer at home I received a word of knowledge for her. I sensed she was having a hard day. So I went to see her. We prayed together in English and tongues and then blessed the house. When we were in the attic I sensed a spirit of oppression. We prayed and rebuked the spirit of oppression and sensed a peace permeate the attic. Why it was there I have no idea. I just know after we prayed it was gone. Being open to the gifts I was able to use the gifts of knowledge, wisdom and discernment.
These are just a few examples of how I find the Lord uses me with the gifts he has given . In each of these experiences I had to be open to God and step out of the boat and do what I felt He was asking of me.
I find it very hard sometimes to say something to someone that I am praying for, if it is not what they want to hear. But if I do not speak out, I will let God down and I do not want to offend Him. I never have had anyone (to my knowledge) get mad or offended when I spoke out.
How do I know if something is from the Spirit or just my own thoughts? If it is not a real serious matter needing more discernment, I just step out and by the fruits I know it’s from the Lord.
We are to use the gifts every day as we journey toward our eternal home. In being open to the Holy Spirit we can help many people along their journey. We will be the shepherds God has called us to be.

From the Diocese of Marquette Michigan, U.P. Catholic Charismatic Newsletter (Summer 2002)