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WCCC History - Fall 2005

WCCC Fall 2005

Fall term of 2005 has been an eventful term for WCCC. Besides regular meetings, members have shared many special moments together, such as participating in the Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp, watching the Leo Ku concert together, the wedding of Joe and Cat, helping out to prepare for the St. Jerome's Catholic Community's Spaghetti Dinner, the JUCCC local visit, and all the dinners are meetings...



Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp

The Labour Day weekend in September 2005, a big group of WCCC members had participated in the annual Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp (ECCCLC), which marks the beginning of our term. It was certainly a "spritually refueling" weekend for all campers.

Fr. Francis Ching playing the guitar while singing "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord"

Spritual nourishment is one of the most important elements for this living camp. Mass is celebrated once each day during the camp. Though the liturgy is formal, the environment and setting are often drastically different from the usual "church setting". We would have mass outdoor! Being in one with the beautiful natural environment, the celebrating of the hour with God becomes even more special.

Commisioning mass on Monday
The proclaimation of the Gospel Group presenting  their commitment after camp during mass The celebrating of the Eucharist
Theme this year "Walk with you always"

During the camp, there were many activities. Speaker time, singspiration, peer witnesses sharing their experiences (e.g. World Youth Day 2005, working in the hospital, etc.)

Because ECCCLC (aka Ga Tong) is a camp where all the Ontario universities Chinese Catholic Communities and local Chinese parishes gathering together, there is a section in the program called, "Local Time". This is a time when campers may join the CCC or parish group where they belong, and the group may share or discuss about how they may carry on the message learned from the camp into each of their own communities after the camp.

WCCC during Local Time Gabriel and Brian standing to block the sun for the group!

ECCCLC is surely an experience for us to share our lives together. At least we're stuck in the same cabin with our fellow WCCCers during those four days!

Moreover, many WCCCers were also actively helping out in various aspects during the camp. Some of us were on the singing team, plays the piano, being the MC or group leaders! And of course, all of us -- active and happy campers!

sWhat is that? (from the boys' cabin)
Singing team

Cindy playing the piano

Vicky the MC
Group leaders WCCC @ ECCCLC
WCCC @ Leo Ku Concert

Leo Ku Concert in Toronto


On Campus Meetings

Sept. 22 - Brian, Gabriel (Orientation Meeting)
Sept. 29 - Queenie, Susanna (Rosary)



Joe and Cat's Wedding

WCCC at Joe's Wedding - Church ceremony

WCCC @ Joe's Wedding (Yum)


Justin singing again! woohoo!

St. Agnes Tso Catholic Church (SAT) Bazaar

WCCCers singing to help fund raise money for their local parish in Richmond Hill.

Justin and Susanna

St. Jerome's Catholic Community

Spaghetti Dinner

Fr. Jim checking up on the sauce

Gladys, Gabriel, Tiffany, and Brian trying to wash the lettuce?
Maria and the knives Jack and the carrots
Gladys and the lettice

On Campus Meetings

October 6 - Felicia, Brian (Ethics)
October 13 - Brian, Gabriel (Fairness and Love of Others)
October 20 - Paul (Sin)
October 22 - Help preparaing for St. Jerome's Catholic Community Spaghetti Dinner
October 27 - Jack, Maria (Peacemakers)


Joint Universities Chinese Catholic Community (JUCCC) Local Visit @ Univeristy of Western Ontario


On Campus Meetings

November 3 - Kevin (Simple life)
November 10 - Brian, Kevin, Gabriel, and Paul (Get to know each other more)
November 17 - Jonathan, Rebecca (JUCCC Local Visit preparation)
November 19 - JUCCC Local Visit @ Univeristy of Western Ontario
November 24 - CIndy, Joanna, Jonathan, Rebecca (Cannot leave out even one person)

Some messages from WCCCers at the end of this eventful term...


End of Term Evaluation


"WCCC is like a family to me - love, spiritual, and fun! I enjoy the sharing, which everyone shares freely. So true, so pure, and so enjoyable. I learned a lot about Catholics that can be very practical in my life. Many people this term: New + Old =)"

* * * * * * * * *

"This term's meetings are quite fulfilling. I have grown spiritually through various discussions and activities throughout the term."

* * * * * * * * *

"WCCC has shown me a true sense of community and family. Bonding and sharing with other has become naturally instinctive. WCCC meetings have truly grown on me!!"

"I feel where I belong~ I am alone~ I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone! No more ~ @WCCC"

* * * * * * * * *

"WCCC is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet other students who share a common religion and background. All members are extremely down-to-earth and the meetings are informative yet fun! I would encourage other students to join WCCC if they want to meet more people, engage in spiritual discussions, or just simply want to have a good time!"

"The topics discussed in this term were very interesting. And it seems like the on campus members seem to get along quite well. The members are also very enthusiastic in participating the events, whihc presents a good group spirit."

* * * * * * * * *

"I have really felt a sense of belonging this term. It seems like my second family. Especially whne i see how everyone is getting closer together, not only that we will attend meeting every week, but will chat with one another on msn or meet outside of meetings. I really feel God's presence among us. I love you all!"

"I like how the facilitators brought everyday life concepts into traditional Bible concepts. It was easy to relate to, nothing complicated, but straight forward. Really enjoyed this incorporation of skits and activities to make it fun and interesting. Not boring like traditional Bible preaching."

* * * * * * * * *

"I love Paul's singing!! I enjoy the enthusiasm each WCCC member brings to each meeting. Each WCCC member has their own unique personality, and our meetings just brings the best out of everyone."

"Not bad. Some meetings are quite interesting. But some of them are really boring also. Overall to say. No bad."

* * * * * * * * *

"This term has been very enjoyable. The turnout for each meeting was great and topics and sharing were informative and deep. I feel that everyone in the group has bonded even closer than before. By the way, Paul provides great entertainment."

* * * * * * * * *

"It was a great term and sure the meetings are a lot of fun! There is no doubt that it is the joy and peace that we bring to each other that keep us together. The only thing that I feel we lack is more spiritual element and prayer. God gave WCCC a lot of blessings and we should proclaim him in our own lives and meetings of course.=P"

* * * * * * * * *

"I'm very happy to see many new members joining WCCC this term and thank you for facilitating many interesting and fun meetings (special thank to Paul). WCCC has provided me lots of relax time and had brought up many thoughtful topic for me to think about, during and after meeting. I would recommend all my friends @ UW to join WCCC!!"

* * * * * * * * *

"This term being with WCCC has been a particularly special experience. The term started with the usual routine, Clubs Days, orientation, and regular meetings. However, as the term goes by, I can see more and more clearly the presence of God among us. Members consistently show up to meetings, even on that day with the super snow storm! The sense of belonging and bonding between members made me feel very belonged too! I will miss WCCC meetings on campus after I graduate. I love you all! I will for sure keep the group in my prayers, now and in the future, that we may spread the Good News of God through the sharings of our everyday life."








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