Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community (WCCC)
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WCCC History - Post-1991

Over the years, WCCC expanded in size and grew to maturity. However, in 1986 WCCC suddenly disappeared from the University of Waterloo. Unfortunately, there was not much information regarding its disappearance. Speculations suggests that it was most likely due to an unexpected decline of the Chinese population in the Waterloo region during the mid 1980's.

In a few years after the first WCCC was dissolved, a few Chinese Catholic students at the University of Waterloo again began to meet together for their spiritual needs. They include Gus Yam, Teresa Chew, Theresa Ma, and a few others. The numbers were few and they first started as members of an English-speaking bible sharing group. As time passed, their numbers grew and they began to meet on their own and conduct bible sharing in Chinese.

In ECCCLC 1991, Gus felt the Lord was calling him to help establishing the Chinese bible sharing group as a community. Gus responded by slowly inviting more Chinese Catholics on campus to join them. In 1992/1993, Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community was officially registered with the University Student Campus Ministry, St. Jerome's College, under the guidance of Fr. Jim Link, C.R.

Besides those mentioned above, some of the earliest members include David Chan, Ambrose Li, Karen Li, Faustina, Amanda Ho, Peggy Chan, Kevin Cheung, Kelvin Lam, Wilbert Madarang, and later on Ida Lew, Petrus Chan, and Francis Ching and many, many others.

The organization of WCCC and the format of the early meetings have pretty much been preserved to this day. From its conception, WCCC is a community of equal membership. We have no hierarchy nor an elected governing body. All responsibilities are shared in a voluntary basis. Every week we come to meet for an hour and a half to two hours, where we share our faith through the reading of the bible or the tradition of the Church. Starting in 1993, Notre Dame Chapel has become our weekly meeting place and the spiritual home of many members.

WCCC has a long tradition of participating in many other activities. They include ECCCLC, inter-local visits, and Christmas caroling. And in January 1994, WCCC inaugurated its annual retreat, which has since been invariably held in the first or second weekend of every January.

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