Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community (WCCC)
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WCCC History - Pre-1986

Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community (WCCC), like most religious establishments, had a very humble beginning. In 1972, WCCC was founded by several Chinese Catholic students who were studying aboard at the University of Waterloo. At that time, the Chinese population in Waterloo was very small; it was very difficult to locate Chinese Catholics and to identify with them. WCCC was established to meet the spiritual demands for the limited Chinese Catholics in the Region of Waterloo.

Tommy Cheng was one of WCCC founders in 1972 and was a student at the University of Waterloo. In the early 1970's, a typical Chinese student at the University of Waterloo often had to work part-time to earn his or her living and to pay the tuition. Tommy was not an exception. Since he did not live in the Student Village either, it was even more difficult for him to meet other Catholic students on and off campus.

On Sundays, Tommy usually spent his entire day in St. Michael Catholic Church on University Street West, attended all four masses, three in the mornings and one in the late afternoons, and tried to meet some Chinese Catholics. Surprisingly, there were several Chinese attended the 5:00pm Sunday Celebrations. They appeared at that time most likely that they had to work in the mornings.

Soon after, Tommy, together with Andy, started to host regular weekly bible sharing sessions. Fr. James McDonald, C.S.C. (now retired as the Archbishop of St. John's) was the pastor at St. Michael Catholic Church at that time. He was very supportive to WCCC, and allowed the members to use the church kitchen and the hall to organize various events. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and together with the help from Fr. McDonald, WCCC became an established bible sharing group.

In 1977, the first Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Conference (ECCCC), now known as the Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp (ECCCLC), there were twelve WCCC attendees.

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