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WCCC Overview - Meeting

Weekly Meeting

The proportion of co-op and regular students within WCCC allows us to have weekly meetings all year round, including Spring terms. We take turns to facilitate the meetings by having a sign-up session at the beginning of each term. It is the facilitator's discretion to decide the topic and the style of the meeting. However, we tend more to share on the scripture of the coming Sunday. This allows us to prepare ourselves better for the celebration of the Eucharist. Other formats include sharing our spiritual lives on a specific topic, watching educational and spiritual videos, praying the Rosaries, having special communal prayer sessions.

Beginning in Winter 2002, WCCC has extended its meeting schedule to meet the demands for the alumni and members who are working and living in Toronto. Everyone is invited to our monthly Toronto meeting.

Other Activities

In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we also have other activities scheduled throughout the year.

End-of-term Gathering

At the end of each term, while most of us are trying to relax ourselves a bit, we usually take the opportunity to gather together somewhere in Toronto. This allows brothers and sisters on their study term or co-op work term, those who have graduated or not graduated, to meet one another and have fun.

Christmas Carol

The past few years, during the Christmas time, we would sing carols together in either a hospital or an elderly home in downtown Toronto. We found it meaningful to bring good news and joy to others through this activity.

Annual Retreat

We have our Annual Winter Retreat in early-January. Each year, we focus on a different theme. Other activities include singspiration, sharing, outdoor walk, etc. Special thanks to Fr. Jim Link again, for he has, in the past few years, either stayed along or driven all the way to our retreat location to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

During the Retreats, we felt that we were so close together by singing, praying and playing together. It is also our honour to have some brothers and sisters from McMaster Chinese Catholic Community (MCCC) to join us in the past two years.

Evangelization Events

Other activities include seminars given by guest speakers, workshops, joint CCC functions and ECCCLC events.

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