Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community (WCCC)
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WCCC Overview - Structure


WCCC is registered under, both, the University Catholic Community (UCC), University of St. Jerome's College and Federation of Students, University of Waterloo, Waterloo. Here we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our spiritual director, Fr. Jim Link C.R, who is also the Chaplain of UCC, for his enormous support, both spiritually and physically, over the past eleven years.

We treasure our relationships as brothers and sisters, therefore we try to keep our structure as flat a hierarchy as possible. At the beginning of every term, we fill up some of the necessary roles on a voluntary basis. In addition, through the year WCCC will organize and participate in various activities; internal teams will be established from volunteers to accommodate for such demands.


Communication by phone becomes inefficient with the growing number of members in WCCC. With the increasing popularity of e-mail applications, most (if not all) members have an e-mail account. Therefore, e-mail gradually becomes an essential channel of communication for us. In addition to announcements, we often use e-mail for topic discussions and personal sharing. Furthermore, the WCCC Web site provides another channel of communication and maintains an archive of most events.


We do not give preferences to Chinese or English. We believe that languages are merely means to an end, which is mutual understanding of our case. Since most of us understand both Chinese and English, we encourage every member who shares his or her feelings and ideas to choose the language of which he or she feels most comfortable. However, majority of our members will tend to use Chinese to express their ideas more often than English. Moreover, we also encourage our members to explore the Chinese culture and to establish their sense of bi-cultural identities in Canada.

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