What is W.C.C.C.L.C.?

Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp (WCCCLC) is an annual gathering held on the Labour Day long weekend, designed for Chinese young adults who feel drawn to and/or seek to grow in the Catholic Faith. Our mission is to enrich our lives with Christian faith; to integrate Christian beliefs in our daily life and into the mainstream Catholic community; and to evangelize the Good News through:

  • Engaging in dialectic and spiritual sharing
  • Participating in Christian community life
  • Understanding our cultural background

What are the benefits of going to the camp?

  • Get closer to God
  • Deepen your understanding of the Gospel
  • Share your faith
  • Meet new friends

What do we do at the camp?

Participate and enjoy the fellowship in prayers, daily Mass, meals and snack times, praise and worship, Taize prayer, talks by speaker, sharing and stories, songs, and other faith-building activities.

In what language will the program be presented?

The program will be delivered in Cantonese. Sharing groups in English can be arranged.

Who can register?

Young adults, between the ages of 17-35, who can understand Cantonese. You must be 17 by August 31, 2010. If you are under the age of 17 or over the age of 35, you must find a reference person in the Core Team. The Overall Coordinator or the Assistant Overall Coordinator will then contact him/her to make sure that the camp is suitable for you.

How to register?

You can fill out the registration form provided or complete the form online. If you choose to complete a written form, you can give it to us at the registration booth, mail it to us or hand it to a Core Team member near you. You will also need to complete the medical waiver forms. Finally, you need to send us the appropriate camp fee before the due date in order to guarantee your space at the camp. All campers of WCCCLC 2010 must be registered before the camp.

What do I need to do to guarantee my space?

Hand in the registration with full payment and the medical waiver forms.

How do we get there?

We recommend using our car-pool system but driving your own vehicle can be another option.

Do you allow visitors at the camp?

All visitors must inform the Core Team before the camp.

Can my parents come?

As our primary target is young adults, there are only limited spots for adult campers. The adult campers are by invitation only. If you leave your parents' contact details, we will contact them if there are spaces available.

Can my non-Catholic friend come?

Yes, but they should be well informed of what to expect. Please take a copy of our pamphlet for your friend.

Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, but both of you should be coming with the objective of growing in the Love for God and in the Love for other brothers and sisters. You will likely be in different groups throughout the camp.

Who do I hand in the registration and payment to?

Any Core Team member near you. Alternatively, you can register online and mail your medical waiver forms and cheque to us to the address on the registration form.

What do I need to bring to the camp?

All campers will be given a to-bring list before the camp. You will be staying in well-equipped facilities for meals and lodging.

If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at wccclc.info@gmail.com