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In Resonance with God 與主共鳴


Free ourselves to experience God's grace and participate in His salvific love


Sept 3 (Fri) - 6 (Mon), 2004


Charis Camp (Chilliwack, BC)


Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J. 周守仁神父


Early-bird deadline - July 25, 2004

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* Only registrants residing outside of Canada are eligible for the US rates.

Theme & Title 今年主題

WCCCLC 2004:

與主共鳴 In Resonance with God

Free ourselves to experience God's grace and participate in His salvific love

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples, "I am with you always, until the end of the world" (Mt 28:20). Jesus promises to be with us always until the very end but the story does not end there.

Sure, Jesus is always with us but are we aware of His presence with us in all things? We live in a sea of contradicting values, corrupted morals, war and hatred. Messages from this world have always easily drifted us away from Him. We sometimes ask where we belong and which direction we should follow. A voice deep within often reminds us that God is calling us to live a graceful life of authentic relationship, and to participate in God.salvific love that brings us and others back to God through our ministries.

Jesus is "the way and the truth and the life" (Jn 14:6). He is our lighthouse that leads us out of the mist, yet the fog of temptations and sins have led us away from the Light. Yes, Jesus is with us but with all the distortions and confusions, we are not always connected to Him.

Moreover, not only is our relationship with God being broken, but our relationship with others, with nature and even with ourselves are also disrupted. We need to take action to stop us from sinking further and get reconnected with God. So we should "get in shape" and tune in to resonate with the love of God.

Our very first step to "get in shape" is to free ourselves - from inner 'un-freedoms' such as worries, burdens, ego, to misleading expectations. By exercising the Christian freedom that God has given us, we need to identify the problems in our lives, and to recognize the barriers that prevent us from resonating with God. Because if we do not empty, humble ourselves and open to God, there will be no room for us to resonate with God. We have to allow the Spirit to live in our hearts and Her counsel and strength will enrich us. A written description cannot fully illustrate what God's grace is, but we can experience and understand through challenges in life or even simple things in our daily lives, especially through our relationships with God, others, the environment, and ourselves. The salvation of Jesus, the very component of our faith, is how much God has loved us. Furthermore, the presence of the Holy Spirit guides us to achieve a perfect relationship with Her. Praying and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion are active ways that we, as baptized Catholics, can be reconnected with God. And the Sacrament of Initiation can bring our not-yet-baptized friends to be connected with God fully. And as a response to God's love, we are called to be His instrument that spreads His salvific love to the world.

The theme of WCCCLC 2004 is "In Resonance with God"; this is our goal to get closer to Him, to be holy and to let Him live in our hearts. It signifies our wanting to be in the presence of His love and also be an instrument of His love - playing beautiful notes that can inspire, enlighten and bring others to resonate with God.

~ Program Coordinator 2004

Speaker 講者介紹

Fr. Chow

周守仁神父 Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J. ~S.J. (Sor Jai?)

How should I start introducing myself? My name is Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J. (周守仁神父). I am privileged to be the keynote speaker of the WCCCLC this year. The 'S.J.' after my name denotes that I am a Jesuit, or a member of the Society of Jesus (耶穌會) in the Roman Catholic Church. As I am writing this little piece of autobiography for you, I am well into the tenth year of my ordination as a priest (July 16, 1994).

Long, Long Time Ago...
I was born into a happy family of four children with my parents in Hong Kong. Being the eldest child, I am followed by two pretty and intelligent sisters, and a smart but nice brother at the other end. And I knew what it meant to be the eldest child in the family! I received my elementary education at Rosaryhill School, followed by secondary education at the Jesuit-run Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. After high school, I joined the University of Minnesota and received my B.A. in psychology and philosophy, and M.A. in Educational Psychology (Counseling). I should know what winter really means!

Fr. Chow
My Irish Root
September 1984 was the month when I left 'this world' so-to-speak to become a religious (Jesuit) in the Society of Jesus. This first step of my religious life led me to Ireland, where I was the only non-Irish novice of my class. This was followed by my study for the Licentiate in Philosophy at the Milltown Institute for Theology and Philosophy,Dublin, Ireland. The topic of my thesis was "Karl Marx's Philosophy Of Human Praxis: 1838-1846." I attribute the root of my blend of Jesuit spirituality to these four formative years in the Emerald Isle.

A Regent
After these four happy years in Ireland, I was missioned back to Hong Kong to teach for a couple of years at Wah Yan College, Kowloon. For us Jesuits, this period of Jesuit formation is called 'Regency'. I taught Ethics and Religious Studies, in addition to my job as the Pastoral Coordinator during these two years. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a full time teacher and pastor for the many young men, some of them have become my good friends.

Faith Seeking Understanding
Although I had to move on to the study of theology at the Holy Spirit Seminary College, Hong Kong, after these two years, I was still able to continue as a part time teacher at Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Teaching and accompanying my students/young friends throughout these years have become some of the greatest blessings in my life. Theology for me is an interesting field and a very important part of my formation because it equips me with the knowledge to be a helpful pastor for my young friends. The topic of my final thesis is "Religious Obedience and Human Rights" - a provocative topic for some people in our Church.

Fr. Chow
An O.D. Consultant?
Theology was followed by diaconate (ordination to be a deacon) in 1993. Right after my diaconate, I was missioned to study for 'organization development' (O.D.) at Loyola University, Chicago from 1993-95. I received my priestly ordination from the hands of the late John Baptist Cardinal Wu in the Catholic Cathedral of Hong Kong during this period of time. This special study in organization development has enabled me to be a consultant for leadership training, team management, conflict management, Christian community development, and most of all, to be a 'pragmatic' spiritual advisor for Catholic organizations.

The Worker - A Multitude Of Blessings
Soon after my studies in Chicago, I came back to Hong Kong to be a teacher and chaplain for the two Wah Yan Colleges (Hong Kong and Kowloon). At the same time, I was also the chaplain of the Catholic Society (Katso) at the Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, as well as accompanying the Medic Cell (Catholic students at the Medical School, University of Hong Kong), and the Young Adults' Group at St. Ignatius Chapel. Besides these few communities, I was also the Director of Vocations for the Society of Jesus in Hong Kong, and took part in other vocation related ministries in the Diocese of Hong Kong. A few more ministries? Yes, but I do not think that it is prudent to list them all (Smile). I only want to share with you my personal pleasure in working with the youth and young adults in the past number of years.

Back To The Books - An Uphill Journey
Rather than busying myself with my priestly ministry like those five years after my priestly ordination, I decided to go back to school in September 2000. No, I am not studying theology. Instead, I am working on a doctoral degree in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in the area of 'Human Development and Psychology.' I have a broad range of research interests. But an area of particular interest to me is the study of moral formation of adolescents growing up in a pluralistic society. The qualifying paper that I have completed has the title of: "Kohlberg's Just Community - A Review and A Question. Is it Appropriate or Inappropriate for Moral Education in a Pluralistic Culture?" But I still have a good part of the journey to travel before I can reach the destiny of this degree. Notwithstanding, I must say that psychology is my first love, followed by philosophy, and then theology.

Fr. Chow

More Blessings
Besides my current study, I am also serving at the Chinese Catholic Community in Boston as a visiting priest. It is a vibrant community. We have lively as well as committed youths and young adults there, i.e., BCCCYG and LIGHT. I have received so much support from the community that my services have indeed turned into a good bargain. You are most welcome to visit us at Boston.

If you still want to talk with me after reading this autobiography, just simply approach me! After all, we are called to live in hope and faith. I pray that you will find as much blessing or even more in your own lives as I am finding that in mine! My e-mail address is:

Stephen Chow, S.J.

Campsite 營地情報

Camp Name:

Charis Camp


51935 Hack Brown Rd., Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 1L1


  • 15,000 sq. ft. lodge (16 bedrooms, 3 large meeting rooms, 1 general assembly)
  • Lodge Capacity: 120-150 with 3-10 people per room (have own washroom and shower in each room).
  • Dining Hall Maximum Capacity: 220 (a walk-out basement with 12 sleeping rooms for 2-3 people each).
  • Other Facilities: gym, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, large playing field, campfire place.

Source: Charis Camp Official Website