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U Turn to God 愛•轉•變


Let us turn towards God who transforms our hearts and leads us to face the world in His Love


Sept 1 (Fri) - 4 (Mon), 2006


Charis Camp (Chilliwack, BC)


Fr. Anselm Lam Wing-Kwan 林榮鈞神父


Early-bird deadline - July 16, 2006

Student Working Adult
Early-bird special CAD$155 [US$135*] CAD$180 [US$155*]
Regular CAD$195 [US$170*]

* Only registrants residing outside of Canada are eligible for the US rates.

Theme & Title 今年主題

WCCCLC 2006:

愛•轉•變 U-Turn to God

The idea of transformation is inspired from the "Message of the Holy Father to the Youth of the World on the Occasion of the 20th World Youth Day." By leaving everything behind them and following the star which was a sign from God that they observed, the Magi were willingly transformed by God through this journey to worship the infant Jesus. After the homage, "they departed to their own country by another way" (Matthew 2:12) while renewed in spirit. As Christians yearning for the Truth, we are also called to turn to Christ and make the same transformation. WCCCLC 2006 will focus on transformation through the Love of God by exploring the essence of this message from the late Pope John Paul II.

What is transformation about? Transformation in God's Love is much more than a superficial change, such as a change in appearance or routine, but a complete metamorphosis in every aspect of one's life that penetrates the very core of one's being in a conversion of heart. Transformation means a complete renewal of ourselves in spirit, mind and soul in ways that link ourselves to God and allow us to discern His Will. It begins with changes of mentality and of hearts by welcoming God's Love to work through us. By surrendering ourselves to the Holy Spirit, who "transforms us into His likeness" (2 Corinthians 3:18), we shall be able to abandon the old ways that alienate us from God and embrace a new lifestyle, "the Will of God -- that is pleasing to God and is perfect" (Romans 12:2).

How does transformation take place? In general, transformation may be defined by three simple stages: (1) understanding of God's Words and responding Him with Love, (2) transformation of our hearts by His Grace, and (3) faces the challenges in the world according to the Will of God in His Love. Although transformation may consist of different stages, it is by no means a discrete but a continuous process. It is continuous in that we have to engage constantly with open hearts, so that we may humbly imitate Christ day by day and let God transform us inwardly by a complete change of our mind (Romans 12:2). The three characters in the Chinese title of WCCCLC 2006 signify these three stages of transformation: The Love (愛) of God inspires us to turn (轉) towards Him and willingly open ourselves to the transformation (變) in Him.

Why is it important to be transformed? To be transformed is a fundamental aspect in Christian life. We all long for changes for the better and a closer relationship with God deep inside of us. We are created in the Image of God (Genesis 1:27); thus, it is only natural to adopt a lifestyle that is a reflection of Him in communion with His Love. Our Lord Jesus initiated the ultimate Transformation by leading us back to God in Love through the Cross: from that we have been shown the Way which leads us into our own transformations. Transformation begins from within and with an inner conversion comes an outer conversion. Like the transformation of the Apostles through the Holy Spirit and all those gathered with them on Pentecost (Acts 2), one's complete transformation will radiate His Love to those around us, thereby making transformation in others possible as well.

Yes, we are called to follow the footsteps of Christ and the many saints to discover this beautiful transformation of heart by His Grace -- a change to become better in God and closer to God. Are you open for a most wonderful transformation for the ultimate happiness and the fullness of life in God's Love?

- WCCCLC 2006 Program Coordinator

Speaker 講者介紹

Fr. Lam

林榮鈞神父 Fr. Anselm Lam Wing-Kwan

Fr. Anselm Lam grew up in a Catholic family and was baptized at two years old. He received God's calling to be a diocesan priest and joined the Holy Spirit Seminary in 1984. He was ordained priest in Hong Kong in 1992.

Fr. Lam has involved in different fields of ministry, namely, parish; youth ministry; university chaplain; justice and peace; high school administration and pastoral work; teaching philosophy and seminary formation. His last assignment before leaving Hong Kong in 2003 was the parish priest in Tin Shui Wai St. Jerome Church and the Chaplain of Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students.

Fr. Lam is currently pursuing his doctorate in political philosophy at Boston College and he serves the Boston Chinese Catholic Community on part time basis.

His hobbies are listening music, watching movies, reading and thinking, chatting, jogging, hiking and playing soccer.

Campsite 營地情報

Camp Name:

Charis Camp


51935 Hack Brown Rd., Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 1L1


  • 15,000 sq. ft. lodge (16 bedrooms, 3 large meeting rooms, 1 general assembly)
  • Lodge Capacity: 120-150 with 3-10 people per room (have own washroom and shower in each room).
  • Dining Hall Maximum Capacity: 220 (a walk-out basement with 12 sleeping rooms for 2-3 people each).
  • Other Facilities: gym, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, large playing field, campfire place.

Source: Charis Camp Official Website