Golden Bow
Membership Initiative Recognition

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) is in the midst of a National Catholic Membership Initiative which is a joint emphasis of the NCCS and the Boy Scouts of America. This program has four major goals:

  1. Organize more units in Catholic parishes and schools
  2. A significant growth in Catholic youth Scout membership
  3. A strong emphasis on role model adult leadership
  4. A quality Scout program for all Catholic youth

A set of Golden Bow recognitions is available for units and leadership working to meet these goals and increase the availability of Scouting to Catholic youth:

The "Golden Bow" symbolizes the arrow shot from a bow straight toward its target. The bow represents leadership and charter partners - the arrow, Catholic Scouting Programs - the target, Catholic youth in our communities. The Golden Bow is a symbol, then, of our intention to deliver quality Catholic Scouting programs to as many Catholic youth as possible by strengthening charter relationships, building new units, and recruiting more youth and adult members. Our goal is to make the Scouting ministry available to every Catholic youth.

For more information, applications and the recognitions themselves, please contact your local (Arch)diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting.

On-line web form (for information gathering only. You will print and mail the completed form to your local Catholic Committee on Scouting.)


Application in pdf format

Click here if you are having trouble viewing pdf files.

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