Millennium Certificate Program

NOTE: This program is available to all Christian Cub and Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and Campfire Boys and Girls.  Follow the age group listed.

The study of the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the account of the greatest happening of all time. It is the biggest event of the ages. The wisdom of God lies behind the plan of history's greatest event in mystery. The love for us that is within the Son of God brought Him to earth two millennia ago, taking in our human nature, and suffering and dying for us. That God should do all of this for us is a mystery too.

We attempt to recapture the events of the life of Christ and how this relates to our lives today. Bringing Scouting to youth under Catholic auspices is what the NCCS is all about.  Our work supports the 1st and 12th points of the Scout Law.  The purpose of the Millennium Certificate is to bring greater awareness for the need to serve others by studying the life of Jesus Christ.

The Millennium Certificate can be earned by completing the following requirements:

Eagle Scout Arrow of Light Universal Religious Emblem Explorer Gold Award James West Fellowship Award Adult Religious Award
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