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*Special thanks to Luke Tolkar of Gonzaga University, and Scott Fabian of St. Luke's Parish in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania for invaluable help and resources they have provi ded in the compilation of the 1999 edition.


  1.  The Top 40 (Most Visited) Catholic Sites on the Internet Under renovation
  2.  NCCB/USCC Directory (Includes departments for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and State Catholic Conferences)
  3.  Catholic Diocesan Web Sites   91 US dioceses are now on the Web
  4.  Diocesan E-mail Directories
  5.  Catholic Publications (Includes Catholic Newspapers, Publishers)
  6.  Catholic Organizations on the Web
  7.  Christian Service, Volunteer Organizations
  8.  The Main Catholic Directories on the Internet
  9.  Religious Orders, Vocation Information
  10. Catholic High Schools on the Web (Courtesy Scott Fabian, Ecclesia Net)
  11. Catholic Colleges and Universities
  12. Catholic Campus Ministries, Newman Centers
  13. General Catholic Resources
  14. Knights of Columbus Listings 
  15. Ecumenical Resources
  16. Catholic Internet Newsgroups
  17. Catholic Internet Mailing Lists
  18. Catholic On-line Communications Services