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The World Wide Web is a linking together of more than a million computers world wide, using a program which enables users to jump from one site or "homepage" to another by using their mouse to "click on" pictures and words on the computer screen. The following directories will take you to the main Catholic sites.


Alapadre's Catholic Directory:


Catholic Documents Archive,((American University): Papal Encyclicals, Historical Treatises:

Catholic E-Mail Directory:

The Catholic Goldmine:

Catholic Information Center on the Internet:

Catholic Internet Directory:

Catholic Mobile: **

Catholic Online Directory:

Catholic Resources for Educators:

Catholic Resources on the World Wide Web (MAIN DIRECTORY):

Catholic Surfer: Lisa Howard:

European Catholic Resources: Catholic Faculty of Passau:


Theological Databanks:

Media Directories, Catholic Press, Radio, TV:

New Advent Catholic Directory:

Theological Resources on the Net:

The Rock:

The Vatican: Vatican Radio News:

Vatican Tours:


"With the advent of computer telecommunications and what are known as computer participation systems, the Church is offered further means for fulfilling her mission. Methods of facilitating communication and dialogue among her own members can strengthen the bonds of unity between them. Immediate access to information makes it possible for her to deepen her dialogue with the contemporary world."

-- Pope John Paul II, World Communications Day, May 27, 1989

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