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(Usenet News)

Usenet news is an Internet tool (function) which allows you to read and post articles about any subject for people anywhere on the Internet to read. It is also very useful for carrying on discussions about just about any subject. Most Internet providers also offer UseNet News Reader so that you can access these newsgroups. Usenet News is a very popular part of the Internet, and in fact, over 8,000 newsgroups exist at present.

The following are among the newsgroups most used by Catholics: E-mail postings to:

or contact via WWW at: 70/1/ Read-only. Contact through general newsgroup listings.

soc.religion.christian: Contact through general newsgroup listings.


"With the advent of computer telecommunications and what are known as computer participation systems, the Church is offered further means for fulfilling her mission. Methods of facilitating communication and dialogue among her own members can strengthen the bonds of unity between them. Immediate access to information makes it possible for her to deepen her dialogue with the contemporary world."

-- Pope John Paul II, World Communications Day, May 27, 1989

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