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Criteria for inclusion in this section are that the organization listed enjoys a measure of episcopal support in the United States, and that it has not been excluded as a Catholic organization by the NCCB. The listing in this directory contains a variety of organizations which find a place under the Catholic mantle. For further updates of this information, contact the Catholic Resources on the Internet Web Site at


ACI-PRENSA (Catholic News in Spanish):

Adoremus: The Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy:

Apostolic Fathers, Church & Papal Encyclicals: gopher://

Aquinas Software Resources:

Baltimore Catechism:

Becoming a Catholic Informational Files:

Bible Gateway:

Bible, Searchable:

Book of Kells:

Calendar of the Roman Catholic Church:

Calendar for the Catholic Church in the United States:

Catechism of the Catholic Church (full text):

Catholic Answers Resource Library (apologetics materials):

Catholic Archives at Notre Dame University: Extensive Collection

Catholic Biomedical Ethics Information:

Catholic Books Online:

Catholic Center for the Poor:

Catholic Charismatic Information (Main Site):

Catholic Documents, by Subject:

Catholic Education in Business: Saint Antoninus Institute:

Catholic Encyclopedia: (1913 Edition, over 2,500 articles now in place):

Catholic Informational and Cultural Files:

Catholic Information Center on the Internet (CICI) :

Catholic Kiosk Diocese Directory Page:

Catholic Liturgy Site: gopher://

Catholic Mailing Lists: (courtesy Spirit-L)

Catholic Missions Resource List:

Catholic Mothers Internet Connection:

Catholic Online:

Catholic Prayers Archive:

Catholic Religious Education: Teachers, Catechists and DRE's on the Internet (An E-mail directory)

Catholic Religious Education on the World Wide Web:

Catholic Resources Search Site:

Catholic Resource Directory and Buyers Guide: Frank A. Pollicino, Ed:

Catholic Saints Information Page:

Catholic Schools on the Net: (primary & high school)

Catholic Singles Sites on the World Wide Web:

Catholic Social Teaching Library:

Catholic Software: (Catholic Parish Management Software since 1991);

Catholic Spirituality:

Catholic Video Club:

Catholic Vocation Information:

Catholic Worker Essays:

Catholic Yellow Pages:

Catholic Youth Ministry Resources on the World Wide Web:

Catholicism Page: (Listings by Chris Miller)

Catshop: (Online Catholic Supplies Store)

Church Data Helper Plus Software Resources:

Cistercian Formation Page:

Code of Canon Law: (The entire text, in many languages):

Conferences of Catholic Bishops (Courtesy of Catholic Mobile):

Confessions of St. Augustine:

Contemplative Prayer:

Contemporary Catholic Music Ministry:

Converts to Catholicism Page: http://www.iris.brown.ecu/iris/RIE/religions/New_Catholic.html

Courage: Multi-diocesan Ministry for Gay and Lesbian Catholics Email:

CRNET: (Worldwide Catholic BBS, now owned by EWTN):

Crossing the Threshold of Hope by Pope John Paul II:

Cursillo Information Site:,

Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross:

Dead Sea Scrolls:

Devotional Web Pages:

Diocesan Information Systems Conference (DISC): Rev Douglas Tobin, President:

Documentary Sources on Catholic Teaching:

Dorothy Day/Catholic Worker:

Episcopal Conference Documents Libraries (UCCB Statements/Drafts/Documents): and

Ecclesia Web Service: Free web sites for catholic parishes, non-profit organizations

Ecole Initiative: Early Church History on the Web:

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo: (Devotional Page)

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN):

Faith Movement: (Youth work and publishing).

Fatima Homepage:

Franciscan Calendar of Saints (at

Fr. Ken Roberts Ministries, Florissant, MO (TV/Radio Evangelism):

Free Catholics Web (Discussion site via at American University)

Fr. Andrew Greeley Page (includes homilies and articles)

Gregorian Chant Resource Page:


Gregorian Chant Manuscript Site:

The Good Enough Catholic Chat Room: (An excellent resource for Catholic discussion):

Guardian Angel Books: (Catholic children's books outlet)

Heaven's Treasures: Catholic Religious Gift and Book store,

Holy Family Bookstore and Gift Shoppe:

Internet Catholic Library:

Jacques Maritain Resource Center: (Notre Dame University)

Jesuit Communication Project: (Also known as the Jesuit Media Literacy Project):

Jubilee 2000: An Internet Resource:

Jubileaum, the Holy Year Website (European):

KathWeb: (Catholic information in German) John Pungente, S.J:

Irish Calendar of Saints:

Legion of Mary:

Life Teen: (Youth Ministry):

Little Rock Scripture Study:

Lumen Vitae: International Institute of Catechetical & Pastoral Studies:

Liturgical Calendar: 1996-2010:

Marriage Encounter Home Page:

Marian Hour Radio Rosary Site:

Marian Magazine/Association: "A Call to Peace":

Marian Movement of Priests:

Marian Tours - Operators of Catholic Pilgrimages

The Marian Web Site: (Background music on web site: AveMaria)

Mary: Frequently Asked Questions: (Assembled by the University of Dayton):

St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe Page:

Medjugorje Inormation:

Medjugorje Page:

Medjugorje in America: National Ministry Director:

Mercy Foundation (Produces Catholic video documentaries)

MinistryLink (Employment Opportunities in Church Ministry. Posts ministry openings, the names of candidates for ministry, and volunteer

organizations throughout the USA and the world. Free service):

MMR Catholic Publishers:

The Monastery: (Monastic information site)

The Monk Page:

Mother Theresa of Calcutta: Archive of her quotes and letters:

Morality in Media: fights pornography, violent programming.

Patrick McGrath, Communications Contact:

New Advent Catholic-Christian Web Page: Extensive listing of Catholic documents, links:

North American Conference of Seperated and Divorced Catholics:

Opus Dei (personal prelature): Brian Finnerty, Webmaster:

Orthodox Catholic Page: http:/

Our Lady of Consolation Devotional Site:

Papal Encyclicals:

Pax Christi:

Padre Pio Information Page:

Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers (Pontifical Council):

Patron Saints (List courtesy American University)

Pope John Paul II Page: (Extensive links to Papal writings)

Prayerline: Sponsored by St. Ann's media-Automatic form accepts prayers for Mass:

Principal Solutions: (Provides Internet Access for Catholic Parishes and Schools)

Prolife Resource Pages with Catholic news and information:

Ex-Abortion Providers Share Their Stories:

American Life League:

Catholic Pro-life Encyclopedia:

Catholic Pro-life Resources Pages: ,

CPC-LINK: Links to 2,000 Crisis Pregnancy Centers:

Human Life Alliance: (12-page newspaper insert used by many Catholic colleges)

Human Life International:

National Right to Life:

Pharmacists for Life International:

Priests for Life Page:

Parish Prolife News-Updates Mailing List:

Ultimate Pro-life Resource Page (not specifically Catholic, but contains all new information pages).

RC-Net (Free World Wide Web pages for Catholic Dioceses, parishes) ;

Religious Information/Databanks:

Retreat Centers (National Directory):ãlapadre/retreats.html

Retrouvaille Home Page:

The Rock (Catholic Web Site Directory):

Rosaries and chaplet: gopher://

Rosary Homepage. Explains how to say the rosary: ,

Rosary Confraternity of the Catholic Church, Portland, OR, administered by the Dominican Fathers.

Paul Duffner, OP, Director: ; htttp://

Saints Alive: Repository of information on Saint's relics:

Saints and Angels (Courtesy Catholic Online): Try out the new Saints Search:

Saint's Biographies (Indexed by Ed LoPresti)

Saint's Lives: A collection written by children:

Secular Institutes Information Site: Brigid Ryan:

Shroud of Turin Page:

Single Parents Association (SPA): (International, nonprofit organization devoted to providing

educational opportunities and family activities through chapter network.

Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

Stations of the Cross:

St Francis Xavier Page:

Teen Internet Relay Chat Catholic Page:

Theology 100 On-line Catholic Glossary (At Notre Dame University)

Theological Databanks:

The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a' Kempis:

Thesarus Musicarum Latinarum: (Latin Music Theory Database) gopher://

Titus Brandsma, Writings:

Ukrainian Catholic Young Adults:

US Bishops' Statements, Encyclicals, Documents:

Validus Catholic Page (Weekly Missal/Lectionary on-line):

Vision '97: Vocations Iinformation, directory:

The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila:

World Youth Day Official Page: (In French and English):

See Also:

Work Apostleship Holy Hearts of Jesus and of Mary : (Italian-based apostleship):

Woodstock Theological Center: social- economic theological perspective:

Young Saints Club: Catholic Young Adult Ministry



Catholic Bookstores: Basilica Press:

The Catholic Catalog Company:

TAN Catalogue: (1996)

St. Gabriel Gift and Book Nook :

The Grotto Christian Book and Gift Store:

Our Lady's Gifts and Books:



"With the advent of computer telecommunications and what are known as computer participation systems, the Church is offered further means for fulfilling her mission. Methods of facilitating communication and dialogue among her own members can strengthen the bonds of unity between them. Immediate access to information makes it possible for her to deepen her dialogue with the contemporary world."

-- Pope John Paul II, World Communications Day, May 27, 1989

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