The 1997 Catholic Internet Directory: 40 MOST POPULAR CATHOLIC SITES ON THE INTERNET



Version 3.9, Updated July 18, 1997

Tim DeRyan, Ed.

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Criteria for Evaluation:
      1. Degree of Official Recognition for the Site
      2. Gross number of hits (visitors) to the site
      3. Publicity given to the site in the religious and secular media
      4. Number of links to the site from other Catholic Sites on the Internet.
Monthly updates posted since April, 1995 at The Catholic Internet Directory Site


Since its inauguration on Christmas Day, 1995, this Web Site has received over 4 million "hits" (the online term for "visits") from curious people all over the globe. On Easter Sunday, the renovated site was officially released. Visitors may now download view Papal addresses in a variety of languages, as well as download press releases from the Vatican Information Service ( Jubilee 2000 is a major theme of the site, as well. Future developments may include putting the Vatican Library online, and the promotion of interactive directories for many of the world's dioceses. Of special interest to readers in the United States is the Vatican News Service in English, which may be read daily at: Contacts for the Vatican Web Site: and  Via PCN.NET  


The NCCB/USCC have done a wonderful job of putting much of their organizational infrastucture online on a clear and easily  navigatible site. The main directories include:

  1. Communications (Catholic Communication Campaign, Catholic News Service,the NCCB Calendar, The Office for Film and Broadcasting, and a section for current and archived news releases).
  2. The Diaconate
  3. Education (Catechetics, Hispanic Catechetics Committee, Higher Education and Campus Ministry, and The Office for Catholic School Parent Associations)
  4. Evangelization and Missions
  5. Family, Laity, Women, and Youth(Includes Committee on Marriage and Family , Committee on Laity , Young Adult Ministry)
  6. Jubilee 2000 Information

While hosting on American Online for the last year, the Catholic News Service decided to create its own page on the World Wide Web. Launched in 1997, the Catholic News Service web site offers visitors a limited selection of CNS stories, CNS information, and even the ability to download articles. For a small fee, visitors may download selected articles from Origins, the CNS documentary service. Beginning July 1, 1997 the Catholic News began to switch its photo transfers to the Internet, spurring many Catholic diocesan newspaper editors forward towards obtaining safe and secure Internet access for their own offices. Contacts: Thomas N. Lorsung, Director and Editor-in-Chief:, Jim Lackey, General News Editor:"> and Anne Leveq, information:

The Catholic Press Association Web Site was launched in early 1996 with not much more than a directory of CPA member newspapers. Since then the site has grown into a full-blown resource for Catholic print media in the United States. The site now offers complete directories of the Catholic Press Association Board of Directors, National Catholic Newspapers, Diocesan Newspapers, Eastern Rite Publications, Catholic Magazines, Catholic Newspapers, Catholic Newsletters, General Publishers, Foreign Language Publishers, and a list of freelance writers. Visitors may browse the Catholic Journalist (the CPA newspaper) and directly contact the Catholic Advertising Network, which allows placement of ads in 155 Catholic Newspapers in the US, and reaches 5.5 million readers in the US and Canada. This site is well maintained and up-to-date in its listings. Fr. Maurice B. Voity (Editor of the West Texas Catholic) serves as CPA webmaster and may be contacted at:  

The National Catholic Education Association has been providing leadership and service to Catholic education since 1904. The largest professional association in the world, its 200,000 members serve over 7.6 million students in preschools, elementary and secondary schools, parish catechetical/religious education programs, diocesan offices, colleges, universities and seminaries. Special sections of the site include: National Association Of Boards Of Catholic Education (NABCE),  Chief Administrators of Catholic Education (CACE), National Association of Parish Coordinators and Directors of Religious Education (NPCD), Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, the NCEA journal Momentum (circ. 24,000), public policy and legislative updates, special programs information (NCEA Seton Awards Program and the Gateway To The Future Program), a 1997 events calendar, a section on seminary education, and elementary, secondary, and higher education pages. The NCEA also publishes an electronic newsletter for its elementary school coordinators at For more information on the site, contact:


A must "first stop" for any Catholic new to the Internet, this Directory of Catholic Resources is possibly the most comprehensive listing of Catholic resources on the Internet. First compiled in 1994 by John Mark Okerbloom, a student at Carnegie  Mellon University, .the directory has grown to monumental proportions, featuring complete categorical lists of documents, church officials, Catholic businesses, and myriad other Catholic resources on the Internet., all organized for easy accessibility via hyperlinked pages and search devices. To add your own E-mail address or Web Site to the directory, send it to John Okerbloom at:



Christ in the Desert Monastery has been provding quality web site design to Catholic organizations since early 1995. Situated high in the mountainous wilderness of New Mexico, the monestary does not even have direct phone service, and must communicate with the outside world by cellular phone. Yet this monastery has become a focal point for Catholic web design all over the world. In a throwback to the days of illuminated manuscripts and the monestary copyroom, several of the brothers at Christ in the Desert Monastery have been able to prepare and detail a whole new generation of manuscripts for public consumption on the World Wide Web. The monastery has also served as a designer and consultant in the cration of the Vatican Web Site. The Christ in the Desert web design team is lead by Br. Aquinas , who has recently gone to Rome to create a design house where web designers seekeing t serve the church may live and work. In a move announced in the summer of 1997, Christ in the Desert has teamed up with a company to form a web design group at Brother Aquinas of Christ in the Desert Monastery may be contacted at  


CIN celebrates its tenth year in electronic evangelization in September 1997. The first worldwide Catholic BBS network offering the first extensive Catholic electronic library (papal encyclicals, apologetics tracts,spiritual readings, theological texts and basic information), CIN now features a large, informative web site with search engine and specialized Catholic mail lists. Daily Mass readings can be read on  line at CIN, with texts following the liturgical year. Popular CIN discussion conferences include: Ask Father, Totus Tuus (papal texts), Main, Prayer,Education/Homeschool, Carmelites, Eastern Catholics, Charismatics, Jubilee 2000, Vowed Life, Life Information, Bible, Youth, Natural Family Planning,Traditional Roman Rite, Montfort Spirituality, Philosophy and Culture, RomanRite Liturgy and others. Recently, CIN opened three Spanish language Catholic conferences: Spanish, Oración and Espiritual. These specialized forums keep Catholics and others in daily contact for support and discussionand are accessible by E-mail subscription or by searching and/or reading thearchives on  line. Active web  based message areas, including Announcements,Question Box, Prayer Board, Mercy, Web Announcements, Events, Pro  Life and Trading Post, are another feature of this interactive Catholic site. All CIN services have always been and remain free to the public. Since not all people online have Web access, persons with E-mail may also access the complete file libraries by sending a blank E-mail message to:

Mike and Sharon Mollerus of the Catholic Information Network may be contacted directly at:

CICI seeks to porvide a valuable nexus for Catholic connectivity. During the October 1995 Papal visit to the United States, newspapers throughout the United States covered CICI's "POPE TV", which provided audio  visual coverage of the Papal visit via the Internet. CICI has since added an excellent directory of dioceses around the world, as well as several Catholic media, publications, and other directories of information. CICI plans many new features in 1997  1998, including an extensive search device which will connect any visitor to Catholic information and personnel around the world, and plans to assist Catholic institutions in getting online under CathTel.  

A close runners  up to John Okerbloom's Catholic Resources on the Internet, Alapadre's Catholic Connection came into being in late 1994, when Fr. John Stryjewski began to post hyperlinked directories and search devices on his World Wide Web site in order to help Catholics locate resources and people throughout the world. A parish priest from the Dotham Deanery of Alabama, Fr. Stryjewski has done online miracles for the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama. A great many of the parishes in the Archdiocese now possess complete Web pages on the Internet, and Fr. Stryjewski has linked pages these to several powerful search engines in order to link pastoral personnel throughout the Diocese. In addition, Alapadre's Catholic Connection offers a direct link to interactive search programs at Carnegie Mellon University. these search devices can locate Catholic materials and persons throughout the world in the blink of an eye. To add your E-mail address or Web Site to Alapadre's Catholic Connection, send it to Fr. Stryjewski 

A mid  western college student named Cris Miller single  handedly put this vast compendium together over an 18  month period, and to date the site has recieved more than 80,000 hits. His links include a wealth of Catholic information on the Net, LifeTeen, and other youth resources. The site provides updated information about approved apparitions of Jesus and Mary. It also lists links to Papal Statements, Bishop's Statements and Catholic prayers online. There is a large listing of pro  life resources, along with extensive vocation information and a well  researched listing of Men's and Women's Religious Orders.  


This site has received numerous awards for both its content and art work. Among the 54 Top  site awards it has received, Christus Rex was named one of PC Magazine's Top 100 sites, one of the TOP 10 European Sites, rated one of the TOP 300 by Home PC. It is one of the most widely  traveled Catholic sites on the Internet, recording over 850,000 hits in an average week. The site represents Christus Rex a private, non  profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information on works of art preserved in churches, cathedrals and monasteries all over the world. The site creator and administrator is Michael Olteanu, a lay member of Movimento Sacerdotale Mariano    The Marian Movement of Priests. Michael had spent five years as a prisoner in death camps of the Romanian Gulag. (His younger brother Victor Nicholas was murdered by the Romanian Secret Police). Michael Olteanu came to the United States after his freedom was arranged by two Americans from California, several US Congressmen and President Gerald Ford, who interceded with the Romanian dictator Ceausescu for his release. His web site focuses on issues of social justice and the struggle against tyranny in the world. His collection of Vatican and Catholic Church art is arguable the best on the Internet. In summer 1997, Olteanu announced that he has started building the database for a worldwide tour of churches and monasteries, comprising in excess of 5000 images. In addition, he is seeking a collection of images that will constitute a visual representation of the Bible. Visitors may submit their favorite Catholic art or contact Michael Olteanu directly at:  


A rapidly  growing compendium of more than 86 pages of Catholic URL's, comprising over 3,600 links. The Catholic Mobile is unique among all the Catholic directories online in that it features a Directory of Catholic Internet Directories.     Definitely a place for the serious researcher to visit. Well  organized and well  maintained, the Catholic Mobile is easy to navigate as it categorizes it's links and resources by subject. Quite a spectrum of Catholic sites is listed, in keeping with the byline of the Catholic Mobile: "The Church's mission requires in the first place that we foster within the Church herself mutual esteem, reverence, and harmony, through the full recognition of lawful diversity."     Vatican II: Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, art. 92
    Vatican II: Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, art. 92


The Knightsite Online Web/E-mail Directory was created in order to enhance communication among the 1.5 million members in the over 10,000 local councils of the Knights of Columbus. The website is designed to have a master index page with links to nearly 200 subdirectories of Council, 4th Degree Assembly, and Columbian Squire links for each of the 50 U.S. States, the Canadian Provinces and the Philippine Islands. Each of these subdirectories has E-mail and/or Website links to every council, assembly and circle that has registered with Knightsite from that area. The website also includes links to the Vatican Home Page, the Supreme Council's Website, links to various job search engines, and a variety of other useful links. You can visit the How toPray the Rosary page, see the Online Photo Album, and sign the Guest Book. If you're not a member yet, fill out an online request form for more information and learn how to join the Knights of Columbus. Editor's Note: The Knights of Columbus has posted an official site for it's Supreme Council at: http://www.kofc  supreme


*The Knights of Columbus Web Ring, which links all K of C Sites in a closed ring, may be accessed at :


Often cited as a prototype for dioceses coming online, the Diocese of Raleigh remains the most electronically networked in the country. The Raleigh diocese has racked up quite an impressive list of "firsts": Since 1992, diocesan officials have been able to communicate via E&mail, and with the launch of an extensive Web site in 1994, visitors have been able to contact diocesan offices via e-mail, view the TV schedules, and peruse the local Catholic newspaper. The diocese is the only one which currently broadcasts the Mass all over the world in RealAudio&reg; The web site also sports a complete parish directory which includes Mass times for all parishes in the Diocese. This was done under the direction of Mr. Todd Wall, Director of Computer Services for the Diocese, who put the system together with the assistance of Mr. Matt Doyle and Mr. Thomas Szypulski, also employed by the Dicoese of Raleigh. Todd Wall, now an employee of IBM, has been a favored speaker at Diocesan Information and Press Conventions on the subject of how to get one's diocesan functions online. The site is currently maintained by Matt Doyle of the Diocese of Raleigh, who more recently posted more than half a dozen Southern Catholic newspapers online and is seeking to put more on the web this year. Mr. Matt Doyle may be reached at < a href="">



Taking advantage of Notre Dame's extensive commitment to educational technology, the Department of Theology has collected information about both scholarship and ministry and made them available at its home page. An interactive form allows you to request and receive information about any of its degree programs. Kern Trembath, Assistant Chairman of the Department and maintainer of most of its Web resources, encourages you to look in particular at the outstanding resources collected by graduate students in the "Graduate Theological Union" link. Now that most of its self-descriptions are online, he promises a growing number of research tools along the lines of the "Rahner Index" already available.Dr. Kern Tremblath maintains the Theology resources on the site, as wel as the Catholic Media Directory and may be contacted at



Years before most Catholic organizations even knew about the Internet, American University in Washington, DC was collecting an impressive array of Papal and Episcopal encyclicals, church documents, writings of the Church fathers, documentary sources of Catholic teaching, and the like. In addition, American University has taken the lead in creating LISTSERV Mailing Lists, which are automatic programs that allow groups of people to send out messages to all other members of the group. Several religious orders, including the Franciscans, (All three orders), the Domincans, and the Jesuits have been able to communicate and carry on online discussions via American University's Mailing Lists. Many of these lists are open to the general public, as well.   The full description of these lists is found in Chapter 12 of this directory: Catholic Internet Mailing Lists.



As the homepage for the largest private network of social service organizations in the United States, this site gives up  to  date information on how Catholic Charities works to support families, reduce poverty, and build communities. Visitors may click on their state on an imagemap of the United States to instantly find their local Catholic Charities Office. News releases, program descriptions, statistics, legislative information, and other information are available on the web site. More than thirty local Catholic Charities offices have registered domain names to create thier own sites, which will then link to the main Catholic Charities site. Jo  Ann Leitch of the Communications Department may be reached at: Mary Reed, the web administrator, may be contacted at:

18. RC NET
RC.Net is one of the most successful services offering free web sites to Catholic organizations. Since 1995, this Michigan-based service has been creating and hosting web sites for Catholic schools, parishes, and other organizations. Their service is quick and reliable. While the editor of this directory would normally advise caution in obtaining free web sites from Catholic organizations, RC.Net has a solid reputation for providing free web sites and maintenance with no strings attached. The number of parishes creating sites on their server is growing by leaps and bounds. The site maintains a directory of all diocesan web sites in the United States, and a quick perusal of the directory will demonstrate that the RC.Net parish sites are found in almost all 50 states. Contact:



Without a doubt, Holy Family Parish is the model for parishes seeking to go online. If it has every been tried with a parish web site, it was successfully integrated into this parish web site. The standard parish site features are all there, of course: The Pastor's page, the parish bulletin, the staff listings, the events updates, Mass schedule and links pages. The Parish Bible Study, upcoming events, Mass schedule and Parish Vision Project are all online in great detail. But this is just where things start: Holy Family also provides complete RealAudio® broadcasts of the choir's favorite selections from each Mass. The site then presents actual Real  time Videos: A Welcome Message, Teens speak about Holy Family, A Greeting from the Parish School, Sacraments at Holy Family, and a Thank  you message. (This parish is so far ahead of the pack that it is hard to describe what a leap in technology this is. To date, only one Diocese in the world provides RealVideo coverage of anything. (St. Luke's Parish, in the Diocese of Scranton, PA) The Holy Family Parish site does not stop here, however. It also provides a full complement of interactive features: There is a public guestbook, a password  protected message board, a site search, and even an online E-mail directory where visitors and parishioners may add their listings to the growing table of E-mail addresses. An online parish photo album rounds out the site. If you are interested in building a web site for your parish, the Holy Family Parish web site is a must  see, if only to get a glimpse of all that your parish web site can be. Contact:


Since 1994, Robert Paul Gordon of the University of San Diego has been providing top-notch links on Catholic vocation information, Catholic documents, libraries, educational, artistic, and formational links throughout the world. Recently, Paul has added an "Ask the Experts" Section, in which visitors may ask experts on the Catholic faith questions via E-mail. Paul Gordon may be contacted at < ahref="">

21. EWTN ONLINE SERVICE (Formerly CRNET, the Catholic Resource Network)  :

Another early pioneer in online communication for Catholics, Jeff Mirus assembled the Catholic Resource Network (CRNET) in 1993 as a global Catholic information and conferencing system, which originally ran as an Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) located in Manassas, Virginia. Since then, CRNET has grown to include thousands of members worldwide, and was recently acquired by the Eternal World Television Network as the centerpiece of it's new launch into cyberspace. Jeff Myrus, the System Operator, may be contacted at:



If awards were given out for "fun" Catholic sites, this would win first place. The innovative graphics and clever use of image maps to navigate this Catholic "Mall" are really worth the visit. But there's also a great deal of substantial material to be found at Catholicity. Catholicity was started as an Internet Service of the Mary Foundation, and now hosts other sites, including St. Jude Media, as well as the famous Catholic performer Leonardo de Filipis. The site is one of the fastest  growing on the Catholic Internet. All organizations are subjected to a check for orthodoxy in matters ranging from the Ordination of Women to acceptance of Humanae Vitae before being allowed under the site umbrella. Catholicity may be contacted at



DioceseNet provides state  of  the art graphics and an innovative US Dioceses image map to provide links to the more than 92 U.S. Catholic Diocesan Web Sites. Webmaster Jeff Pearring ( has already created web sites for the dioceses of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and is approaching others. DioceseNet is seeking to develop advertising from a general audience at the DioceseNet Site to find diocesan and Catholic information, and a co  operative effort with diocesan newspapers to offer duplicated advertising from diocesan newspapers on their web site. Project leader Jearry Carleo may be contacted at



CMN Online offers a complete private online service accessible only to Catholic Lay Professionals, Religious and Clergy who are involved in parish  based Catholic ministry or the organizations, dioceses, or religious orders that support them.Membership on CMN is free and offers professionals in Catholic ministry the chance to network with other professionals involved in a variety of ministries including: Family, Youth, Service, Pastoral, Young Adult, Clergy, Liturgy, Faith Formation, Religious Education and More! CMN Online offers discussion forums, file libraries, news and information to create a workplace for professionals and ministry organizations that want to come together and share resources. CMN makes the web more productive for Catholic ministries by gathering the resources and people in one place. Members receive their own Internet E-mail address that they can keep even if they change Internet providers. CMN Onlinemembers get advanced messaging software with spell checking, formatting, error  proofing file transfers and download recovery. Members become part of a virtual community, interacting with hundreds of other people with similar interests.


Upon visiting this site, one is torn between admiring it for the impressive graphics, or for the well-kept resource libraries, which provide everything from lesson plans and common forms to extensive clip art libraries. The site bills itself as " The Source for Catholic Youth Ministry on the World Wide Web,' the site certainly lives up to its name. The site was created by the Youth Ministry Network of Venice, Florida with the purpose of providing Youth Ministers with needed resources, including forms, templates, lesson plans, clipart and myriad other materials which are often hard to locate for the parish youth minister. the web site was also created in order to provide a conferencing and ideas exchange forum for youth ministers from all over the world. The site contains articles and separate sections on fund raising, volunteer training, speakers, the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers, and other areas of interest to youth ministers and diocesan youth minister coordinators. The Youth Ministry Network maintains a for-charge Mailing List at: Site Administrator Geof Kledzik may be contacted at:



A parish youth minister from St. Luke's parish in Strousberg, PA, Scott Fabian organized Ecclesia Web Service in early 1995 as a free resource and conferencing area for other parish youth ministers in the United States and beyond. The network quickly grew to include diocesan and parish pages, Catholic information files and large directories serving Catholics in ministry throughout the world. The Ecclesia Online Service now owns it's own "server" (a computer with a direct connection to the Internet), and continues to offer free web sites to many non  profit Catholic institutions. EWS now offers a free Holy Card Creator, which allows visitors to instantly generate and send a holy card to someone else online. EWS is in the process of creating an Internet live-streaming video broadcast of the Mass formthe St. Luk's Parish site at  Finally, the online version of this directory has been hosted by Ecclesia Web Service since April 1995 at

Scott Fabian, the Webmaster of Ecclesia Web Service, may be contacted directly at:



Sponsored by the Joiliet Diocese Vocation Office, Vocations Online seeks to serve a much wider national and intenational population. It includes information on the priesthood, religious likfe, lay ministry and leadership, and discerment. Vocations Online is also adding sections on secular institutes and the diaconate. For more information, contact Fr. John Regan of the Joliet Diocese Vocations Office at:


Home of the rapidly-growing Catholic Encyclopedia on the Net, New Advent is a Colorado  based nonprofit organization, operating under the approval of the Archbishop, and organized for the purpose of using the new media to spread the Catholic Faith. This site also contains the extensive Catholic Encyclopedia, which deserves a separate mention of its own. Chris Knight: knight


30. JUBILEE 2000      An Internet Resource:

The upcoming celebration of Christ's birth has created a surge of creation on the internet to spread His word and the gospel. This site provides links to a large number of sites dedicated to the Holy Year and its mission.  

31. COMPUTER MINISTRY FOUNDATION:,p>A non  profit organization founded by Christine Maggio, Webmaster for the Archdiocese of Newark 1995 Papal Visit Web Site. The Computer Ministry Foundation serves as a networking point for Catholics seeking to use computers to aid their parishes, dioceses, and other ministries. A recent project in the Newark Archdiocese involved the hookup of computer terminals to a local retirement home for sisters. These sisters are now reaching out through cyberspace, giving Catholics the benefit of their training and years of experience in the field of education. Christine Maggio of the Computer Ministry Foundation may be contacted at:  


A Directory of Religious Educators on the Internet This list is for networking and educational purposes. To be placed on this list free of charge E-mail



This site had begun as a forum and resource center exclusively for America Online users. Features included the National Catholic Reporter and the Catholic News Service Online. This past year, America Online opened up many of the features of the Catholic community on America Online to visitors from the World Wide Web. Those visitors with sound cards will be welcomed with the tolling of church bells. The Catholic Community is comprised of a group of priests, religious and laity who come together with the common belief in this new kind of online ministry. The site welcomes people of all faiths to come together to learn more about that which the Roman Catholic faith has to offer. The Catholic Community provides several priests to answer questions on the faith in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Within the Catholic Community are found a variety of inter-active discussions incorporating many aspects of Catholicism - Roman and Eastern Rite. Among these real-time discussions are Apologetics, Book "Kritik Korner," Catholic Daughters, Catholic Exploration Center, CPOL [Catholic Priest On line], CYOL, DRE Chat, Eastern Rite, Free Zone [ Free Discussion times ], Knights of Columbus, Legion of Mary, Living Rosary, Teen Chat, Young Adults, Youth Ministry . Each of these real-time discussions is scheduled for a specific time during the week. The Catholic community also provides an area for prayer requests, and several Newsletters. The site draws some big names. Cardinal Roger Mahoney of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was a popular guest on the site during the Los Angeles Religious Congress in February of 1996. The Catholic Community Online Administrator may be contacted at:>

35. SOCIETY OF OUR LADY OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY:<,p> This site is a cornacopia of information. Sponsored by SOLT, a religious order of men and women, lay, consecrated, and ordained. The site also contains text from the Jubilee 2000 and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Definitely a well  designed and well  updated site.  


While it is not a Catholic Site per se, the Church Finder deserves mention here for the valuable tool that it is. A special project of the Christian Pages for Christ Site, the Church Finder is an ambitious project to catalogue and index basic information on all churches in the world, and list these geographically via the World Wide Web. So far, thousands of Catholic parishes in the Uni\ted States have been listed and the database is growing daily. A must  stop to find churches in your vicinity, this directory holds great promise as a help to community  based ecumenical efforts. Contact:  


St. Gabriel Gift & Book Nook    Catholic Virtual Store is an electronic store on the Internet offering the best Catholic books and software and fine religious gifts for special occasions and personal enrichment. We wrap and ship gifts with personalized cards on request throughout the world. On  line orders are processed on a secure server with encryption for effective security of sensitive financial data. St. Gabriel's selections build on the offerings at CIN, allowing more resources for study and prayer.



Dedicated to the memory of the late Archbishop of Chicago, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, the Roman Catholic Web Ring launched in November 1996, by the SFBAY Catholic Website. It was developed to link Catholic sites on the Internet while providing the reader with an on-line virtual tour of sights and sounds. By using the ring, readers will travel from one web site to another, viewing Catholic topics, sites and resources until they eventually end up back at the site they started from. The content of sites on the web ring must be related to Catholic in the ring often mirror the different and sometimes conflicting schools of Catholic thought and practice. No commercial Catholic sites. Contact:



This page is maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton, OH. It offers one may be the worlds largest online repository of materials, links and resources about Mary and Marian Devotion. The site offers weekly updated news and share our various kinds of resources with you. the site sponsors are happy to entertain questions from visitors, and they maintain a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the site. Seekers may also browse a Marian Meditations Page, and pause for a moment of prayer. Contact: Father Johann G. Roten, S.M:


A Cyberplace for Women Religious and their Friends, SisterSite is the official web site of Sister  L: an internet discussion group founded in at Syracuse University in 1994 and devoted to the History & Contemporary Concerns of Women Religious. The listserv now has about 1000 subscribers throughout the world. Topics include future directions for religious life, the theology, spirituality, and ecclesiology of religious life, responses to Vatican statements/policies directed to women's religious communities •actions taken by Sisters' Councils, associations, federations, and other groups focused on the interests of women religious. Contact: Sr. Ritamary Bradley, SFCC:

Sites for Future Review:
Entitled as "Internet Access the Catholic Way". Includes the Catholic Family Media Guide. Created by Mr. Owen Phelps, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Rockford, IL. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.



A periodical review of Catholic and Christian Internet sites, critically analyzing them with an eye for fidelity to Church teaching, graphical design, and depth of content. Contact: Domenico Bettinelli, Jr.  


Independent international news syndicate staffed by lay Catholic journalists, dedicated to providing accurate world news, written from a distinctively Catholic perspective, and distributed via the Internet. CWN offers news digests and reports from the Vatican daily, as well as occasional features. Contact: Philip F. Lawler <  


A universal search site for all things Catholic on the web. Users can search the PetersNet databases by key word, author, title, etc. to find Catholic resources no matter where they are on the web, and to see evaluations of Catholic web sites based both on how faithful they are to the Magisterium and how well  implemented they are. The search service is free, but PetersNet also offers special additional services for a nominal annual fee, including: message  based discussion and real  time chat in a protected Catholic environment, email accounts, and email notification of new Catholic resources added to the main database. Jeff Mirus, System Operator, may be contacted at:  

Catholic resources online are developing a rapid rate, and only a few of the many could be mentioned here. For a more complete look at other Catholic connectivity resources, please see Chapter 13 of this directory: Catholic Online Networks and Services.


"With the advent of computer telecommunications and what are known as computer participation systems, the Church is offered further means for fulfilling her mission. Methods of facilitating communication and dialogue among her own members can strengthen the bonds of unity between them. Immediate access to information makes it possible for her to deepen her dialogue with the contemporary world."

     Pope John Paul II, World Communications Day, May 27, 1989

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