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"We are therefore about to found a school of the Lord's service we advance in the religious life and faith, we shall run the way of God's commandments with BenedictScholastica1expanded hearts and unspeakable sweetness of God's love; so that never departing from His guidance and persevering in the monastery in His doctrine till death, we may by patience share in the sufferings of Christ, and be found worthy to be coheirs with Him in His Kingdom."

Prologue, Rule of St. Benedict

Candidate and Postulant


A time of intruduction to Benedictine life, a woman becomes acquainted with the Benedictine Sisters of Corpus Christi Monastery through frequent visits. While still living in the world, she begins to establish a relationship with the community.


The candidate enters the community and experiences a gradual incorporation into community life. Instructions consists of introduction to religous life, the Benedictine way of life, manner of reciting the Divine Office, and introduction to Gregorian chant.

The postulancy lasts from six months to one year, depending on the individual.


noviceThe formal acceptance into the community. The novice lives, prays and works together with the community. She receives specific instruction on the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, monastic vows, the community charism, and more complete study on the recitation of the Divine Office and Gregorian chant.

The novitiate consists of one to two years, one year is spent as a canonical novice.


First Profession

The professing of first vows when the new sister begins to live the full expression of the life of a Benedictine Sister of Corpus Christi Monastery. She continues her spiritual development, striving to incorporate Benedictine values into the daily rhythm of her life and ministry.Profession

First profession lasts from three to seven years.

Final Profession

With the profession of final vows, the sister is fully incorporated into the Benedictine community and commits herself fully to Benedictine life as lived in our community. She responds each day to God's call to obedience, stability and fidelity to Benedictine life and continues the life long process of spiritual formation.

Final profession is for life.