Selected Catholic tracts available in this series


Letters of recommendation

I applaud your initiative in supplying tracts in response to the continual and unjust attacks of the fundamentalists. I am particularly aware to this as my people here in the small towns are under attack. I am in the process of responding to such attacks in the local press and so am delighted to welcome and encourage you.

Bishop William Slattery OFM, Bishop of Kokstad, South Africa.


I am delighted to read about your publications defending our sacred truths.

Father Mario Ceruti OMI, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


Thank you for your letter of 21st June and your initiative. I order three copies of each tract and shall pay R52 into the account concerned.

Bishop Hubert Bucher, Bishop of Bethlehem, South Africa.


It is very necessary to have these tracts in order to defend the faith from the bible. They should be much more widely advertised

Gail Ellis, Muizenberg, South Africa


The tracts are vitally necessary for defence against the sects

Richard Smit, North Riding Parish, Johannesburg, South Africa


There is a great necessity for these tracts because of infiltration by fundamentalists recently

Yunis Fredericks, Durban, South Africa



Vital for Catholic young people to know the scriptures to defend the faith

Klaus Kuhne, Marian College, Linmeyer, South Africa




The tracts are really necessary for the teaching of catechetics to Catholics

Samuel Solomon, Catechist, Roodepoort, South Africa



These tracts are long overdue to defend the faith against anti-catholics

Father Finbarr Flanagan, OFM, Dundee, South Africa


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