Bluebird House…

is constructed of natural cedar wood and measures approx. 6" x 6" x 10".

This house is designed for blue birds but is often populated with small song birds. The locale and method of used to place your bird house will, in large part, determine the variety of bird attracted.

All screws are color matched to cedar and are rust resistant.

The house has a convenient hinged panel for cleaning.

This house is designed to be mounted with surface screws into a post or tree but is also equipped to be hung from a nail hidden from sight in the back.

Knocked down and unstained versions feature your choice of smooth side (for a finer look) or rough sawn side (a rustic look) facing out while the stained model is only offered with the smooth side out because the rough sawn surface does not accept stain evenly.

Assembly is simple with only a Phillips Screwdriver and Hammer needed.

Shipping and handling is optional. You may avoid this charge by picking up your purchase in Spencerport.

E-mail with your order and shipping preference: (Scroll down for info.)

If you are out of the local area, you will be provided with an address to send your payment by check or money order along with a printed copy of this page to serve as your order form.

Shipping fees will vary by zip code but never exceed the actual cost incurred.

PRICING: BLUEBIRD HOUSE (new product…limited availability)

_______ Knocked Down (complete with all screws and hardware) $10.00 plus S/H of $4.00

note: Specify choice of Rough Side or Smooth Side out!

_______Completely Assembled but left unstained (Natural) $12.00 plus S/H of $4.00

note: Specify choice of Rough Side or Smooth Side out!

_______Assembled and Stained (your choice of Clear or Cedar Stain) $16.00 plus S/H of $4.0

note: Specify choice of Clear Stain or Cedar Stain!

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