Construction and Materials…

Shrines, Feeders and houses are constructed of natural rough sawn cedar wood.
Flags are made from recycled fencing and may be cedar, fir, or pine.
All screws are color matched to cedar and are rust resistant.
Feeders roofs are convenient to remove for filling and all houses are easy to access for cleaning..
When equipped, house or feeder is provided with a coated wire rope hanger to hang from a tree branch.
Many can be modified to become mountable on top of a post or a tree.
Knocked down and unstained versions feature your choice of smooth side (for a finer look) or rough sawn side (a rustic look) facing out.
Stained models are offered with the smooth side out or with a light colored stain because rough sawn surfaces do not accept stain evenly.
Assembly is simple with, normally, only a Phillips Screwdriver and Hammer needed.
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