Pricing and Ordering Instructions…

Send an E-mail with your order and shipping preference (pick up in Spencerport, NY or send USPS Priority) to:
If you are out of the local area, you will be provided with an address to send your payment by check or money order with a printed copy of this page to serve as your order form.  Shipping fees will vary by zip code but we try to approximate the actual cost incurred.  Shipping and handling is optional; avoid this charge by picking up your purchase in Spencerport.
$8 Kits Squirrel Feeder Tray Feeder
$10 Kits Wren House Suet Feeder Nuthatch / Chickadee
Hanging Bird Bath Bat House
$12 Kits Mini-Shrine Bluebird House Hopper Feeder Bat Condo
$14 Kit/($23upgrade) Platform Feeder option:add $9 for statue
for a St. Francis  Feeder
Accessories Door Plate 
$1 each installed 
Hanging Hook  $2 for 12"
$4 for 23", $5 for 30"
Large Items  Shrine    $50 (only $45
if deleting shake roof ) 
Wooden Flag (USA
or Christian) $40
Shipping Fee Kits under $11 add $4
to $6 based on zipcode
Kits over $11 add $5 to $7
based on zipcode
(Note:  Large items
and hanging hooks
are not shipped)
Assembly (Optional) add $2 to price of kit;  add $12.50 per shrine
(only $52.50 w/o shake roof)
Assembled and Stained add $6 to price of kit;  add $25.00 per shrine
(only $60.00 w/o shake roof)

Write your Name, Address and Phone Number in this area. Specify any options offered such as rough sawn or smooth side out.
Attach Check or Money Order for TOTAL including S&H if needed.    Checks made payable to Christian Crafts.   Thank you.

To order or to contact us, write:
Christian Crafts…by craig is independent and not officially sanctioned by St. John the Evangelist Church of Spencerport.