Russian Orthodoxy and her Traditions
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The monastery of the Ascension in Syzran

The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest of all Eastern Churches, and after the Catholic Church she is the second largest Christian denomination. Due to the closure of Russia to the outside she has remained to a great extent hidden or veiled from western eyes. This site offers the possibility to become aquainted with Russian Orthodoxy, her history and her life in contemporary Russia.

The grave of Blessed Andrej of Simbirsk, Ulianovsk

In the last century various elements of Russian Orthodox tradition have spread abroad and attracted the attention of western piety and spirituality. The clearest example, being Russian iconography. This site intends to examine the elements of spirituality and religious tradition that are common to both Russian and Catholic Traditions. Similarly, Russian Orthodoxy can be seen to be complementary to Roman Catholicism and therefore, an essential help to the Catholic Church to overcome certain problems with which she is faced in the contemporary western world. Here one can relearn certain fundamentals which in many aspects have been lost by western religious traditions. 

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Russian Canonical Territory is an explanation of the origins of the principle of canonical territory and a look at the way this principle reveals itself within the Russian Orthodox World.

Many people in the Orthodox Church feel that Catholics in Russia are guilty of Proselythism; Catholics, however, reject such a claim. This controversy seemingly continues, because the word 'proselythism' is understood quite differently by the two traditions. The logical development of the Orthodox understanding is challenging to Russian theologians.

One of the major difficulties in Catholic-Orthodox relations regards Greek Rite Catholicism, particularly in the Ukraine. Ukrainian Catholicsm is an attempt at proposing different areas of mutual (Russian Orthodox, Greek-Rite Catholics and Latin Rite Catholics) study.

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If you would like to contribute to this site and offer your thoughts we would be glad to consider them for inclusion. Material dealing with Russian Orthodoxy and the various elements of her tradition as expressed in history as well as in the present are most welcome. 
An Icon with a relic of St. Nicholas in the Church of all Saints, Ulianovsk

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