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I guess if you're on this page it's because you have some good things to share with me... 

Please let me share a few of my thoughts on email.  It may be useful to have more than one email address since it happens at times for some reason or another that we can't have access to our email service.

Yahoo, one of the most known, has been very useful but for more than one reason, is no longer my favourite service. Since July 2002 it is no longer a free POP service (in Canada and U.S., it seems to continue to be a free POP service in other countries).  You can no longer retrieve your messages via Outlook Express for.  There are however a few options that enable you to go around this.  There's a freebie called YahooPops which you can configure to OE and retrieve all your Yahoo messages (spam included).  Then there's PopPeeper which allows you to read your Yahoo Mail without having to login.  PopPeeper promises to improve it's service as time goes on.  Both are worthwhile to check out, especially since they are free!

is still a free HTTP service which allows you to access your messages with Outlook or Outlook Express.  This free service via OE or Outlook will likely cease in the year 2005.  Both Hotmail and Yahoo offer the possibility of a virus check but you can always find a good free antivirus service. AVG seems to be very popular. 

Gmail is without any doubt a good contender as mail service as they give you a whopping 1G of free storage space for your messages.

Fastmail is a more recent service that promises to be great competition to Yahoo and Hotmail.  It's a great IMAP service that lets you access your messages from OE, Outlook, Thunderbird and many more similar mail clients. Fastmail have a great forum where you'll find knowledgeable people who can help you out with any question you may have.  They also offer antivirus checking and POP access at the paying levels.

After trying about 30 free mail services I believe Fastmail's to be one of the best available.  


                                                              Kind regards,

                                                          Fr. Dan + M

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