Love for the Divine Heavenly Family

Many Saints in history have developed a great love for God and the Heavenly Angels and Saints. This is a living witness of the love of St. Francis for the Divine Heavenly Family: (1)

"A young boy who was pure as a dove and innocent as an angel was received into the Order while St. Francis was living… That boy decided carefully to observe where St. Francis went, so as to know how holy he was, and especially what he did when he got up during the night… Finding the gate leading to the forest open… he quickly went after him into the woods and reached the top of the hill where St. Francis had gone to pray.

And when he came to the place where St. Francis was praying, he stopped at a certain distance, for he began to hear a number of persons talking. Going nearer in order to see and hear more clearly what they were saying, he perceived a marvelous light completely surrounding St. Francis, and in that he saw Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist and a great throng of angels who were talking with St. Francis."

(1) Raphael Brown, "Little Flowers of St. Francis," Part One, Section 17, in: St. Francis of Assisi: Writings and Early Biographies. English Omnibus of the Sources from the Life of St. Francis. 4th Revised Edition. Translated by Raphael Brown, Benen Fahy, O.F.M., and others. Edited by Marion A. Habig (Quincy, Illinos: Franciscan Press, 1991) pp.1338-1339.