"Dear children, I ask you to place your focus in these days in preparing yourselves for the time of exceptional grace to be given to your souls. On the Feast of My Annunciation, God Father's grace shall fall upon you like rain from heaven. I sahllnow gather together this chosen flock and place you in union with my chosen shepherds. Bond together for the sake of my Triumph. Know dear ones, I place my hope in you. I entrust my heart to you - within you lies the saving grace for mankind.

Pray intensely for my Son's Vica; unite your heart to him in a special way. Offer in these days all sufferings and joys as the sacrifice of yourselves for the consecration you shall pledge.

Give yourselves in the most virtuous way. Look to the other first, before yourself. God Father sees all that lies within your souls; he shall reward love and mercy with His own. He shall give justice where justice is due.

I plead to you to bring together this mighty army of my co-hort, for the battle awaits us and its beginning has only moments to be realized.

Dear ones, I am your Mother - remain my children. Give to me your hearts for I have given to you mine. Entrust to me all you are, for I shall mold you into what you should become." 3-13-93

GUIDANCE: From this force our hearts become possessed. It is this moment that Our Lady speaks of, as the moment of exchange. When the consecration is made authentically, with true love, it is impossible for the soul not to become transformed. So it is true when the person says to others, that in the consecration life was transformed and really manifests true change. This is because the powers that are brought together in the consecration in such a perfect state and in the intense moment of grace create a transformation that takes place with such magnitude, that it can happen no other way. God designed this to happen only in this heavenly realm of consecration. We understand that it is actually and truly God who desires and wills that the soul complete the Act of Consecration.

DIRECTION: To place the soul in the presence of God is the foundation of spiritual life, consisting of three ways: the avoidance of sin, the practice of virtue, and unionLet us understand what is meant by solitude of the heart. It consists of expelling from the soul, every affection that is not for God alone and by seeking nothing in all our actions but to please His Sacred heart. In essence, solitude of the heart implies that you can say with sincerity, " my God, I wish for you alone and for nothing else"/ We should remain detached from all things, seeking Him alone, and we will find His heart in abundance. God cannot be sought nor found if He is not known by the soul. The heart, occupied with affections of the world, cannot reflect his divine light purely. The soul who wishes to see God must remove the world. The soul who wishes to unite itself with God, must retire into an open heart - a heart singly focused on Him.

MEDITATION: O'Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide my heart to find only God in all things and above all things, and to rest only when it has found this solitude. Grant that in my consecration, my heart shall seek its solitude in the quiet of His peace. May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn all affections for the world from its depths. O' Mary, my Mother and my refuge, obtain for me the grace of a solitary heart.

"But when you shall pray, enter into your room, closing the door, pray to your Father in secret." Matt 6:6