"My angel, God Father asks in the souls consecration, devotion to my Immaculate Heart to be held in deep importance. For this reason I ask that you:

- Pray the Rosary every day,

- Practice the gift of the First Five Saturdays, and

- Give your petitions and recourse in life to me for I bring all to Him.

Do these things for love of me and know I offer all for love of you." 3-19-93

Daily Rosary

"My dear angel…Remember in praying the Rosary, all enemies are defeated and all petitions answered, and in each work you are drawn deeper into its mysteries. In each depth shall come a brighter illumination of enlightenment. I tell you dear angel, those who persevere are those who shall be saved." 10-7-92

First Five Saturday Devotion

"My dear ones, I have come to teach you of the need to make reparation to my Son for the evil that is abundant in this time. I have called you to this day of great grace to fulfill my request of Fatima. I ask you come to my heart and give to me the things I have requested. In the completion of these five Saturdays, grace shall be given to your soul as a gift from my Immaculate Heart. It is this first Saturday I ask you begin this request, for this is asked by God Father to honor my Immaculate Heart. He is greatly pleased by this, for you are also paying homage to Him in this way…" 11-7-92

- Go to Confession, (within eight days before or after the first Saturday.)

- Receive Holy Communion,

- Recite the Rosary, and

- Keep Our Lady company for fifteen minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary with the intention of making reparation to her.

On May 29, 1930 Our Lord explained to Sr. Lucia in Fatima that Our Lady asked for reparation on five first Saturdays because of five kinds of offenses and blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, namely:

- Blasphemies against the Immaculate Conception,

- Blasphemies against her perpetual virginity,

- Blasphemies against the divine and spiritual maternity of Mary,

- Blasphemies involving the rejection and dishonoring of her images, and,

- The neglect of implanting in the hearts of children a knowledge and love of Immaculate Mother.

Petitions and Recourse in Life

"My angel…Through your hearts dear ones, I am able to give all he graces you shall need to fulfill all the God Father's wishes. Look to me for your requests and petitions and they shall speedily pass to His heart. Commit your will and your heart to this plan, respond to my urgent plea, allow me to work through you, come within my Immaculate Heart, receive the graces held there and you shall find at the end of your journey, the face of my Son and His mercy…Go in the peace of God." 10-1-92

"My dear angel…I unite to the blood shed by my Jesus the great cross the Holy Church bears for the good of all humanity. I unite my heart to those who are in the agonies of dying, the suffering of the poor, and those of the persecuted. I give my grace to those who are ill, stricken with grave sickness and incurable disease. I shed my tears for those babies who are stripped of their mother's womb, for the souls of the innocent given as sacrifice to evil and those victims of hatred, violence and injustice…" 10-16-92

In the End My Heart Will Triumph

"My angel, my Triumph is like the dawn that breaks the darkness of the night; it is the sun's rays as they come over the horizon--one by one they dispel the darkness and bring daylight.

My Triumph shall come dear angel, in the same way. As each heart is opened by the consecration, the light sweeps away the dark. As each ray gives its brilliance to the horizon in the dawn, each heart possessed by me shall bring the magnificence of "Sunshine" upon the earth.

Very soon my "heartlight" may no longer be hidden by the ploys of evil; it shall rise in the East to give light to the West. As in the beginning of the dawn, my Triumph shall be seen as the morning light in the East; it shall rise in every moment as it crests over the darkened horizon; it shall find its greatest glory and brilliance in the center of the hearts of my children.

My Triumph shall then fill the heavens and shine across the earth and no man shall be able to doubt its victory, and darkness shall not overpower the covenant of the Spirit comes the essence of my Triumph to bring to revelation the Sacred Heart of my Son. With this then shall the earth be covered in the Spirit of His mercy and final justice...

The light in the East will become a fire and the center of its flame is my Jesus Mercy; it shall come burning and devouring all hearts open to its purification. He shall come to consume and possess. The ones standing the highest shall be cut down first and the proudest laid low and no one of unjust nature shall survive the blows of the Mighty One...

I shall summon my champions to shake the heavens upon the earth... I shall separate the strong of consecrated heart from those of weakness of the world.

In the darkest night shall the soul long for God and your spirit shall seek Him out, for when His judgement appears on the earth, the people of the world shall learn what saving justice is.

Until His spirit of mercy to come is poured out from above and the deserts become orchards, the dryness becomes wet, the fires of purity shall reign and the effect shall be upright and truth brings quiet, peace and security for ever." 2-27-93