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Holy Cross Parish Action Plan

2005 - 2006

Mission Statement of Holy Cross Parish:

The mission of Holy Cross Parish is, first, to worship the one true God, creator of heaven and earth, through his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, in the Holy Spirit, and in charity with one another, especially at Mass and in the Sacraments, and according to the teaching of the gospel and in obedience to the Roman Catholic Church.

Second, the mission is to continue the worship of God in the daily sacrifice of our lives, which we offer in our work and in taking care of our families.

Third, our mission is to provide our children with a rich, meaningful Christian education.

Finally, our mission is to invite all men and women of good will in the area to join us in the Church.


     Through this parish action plan, we want to present a clear picture of what it will require in human resources and financial resources to develop, enhance, create, and support efficient and effective ministry through the parish.   It is our vision that each parishioner will covenant with God in relationship to his or her gifts of time, talent, and treasure and commit to continued and increased involvement in the Holy Cross Parish community.


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