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Directory of Parish Ministries

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The parishioners attending Holy Redeemer, Holy Family, Our Lady of the Snows, and Holy Trinity Churches are very active in a wide variety of ministry functions related to our Catholic faith and our local communities. These ministries can be classified into 4 major components:

  • Liturgical
  • Faith Development
  • Parish Outreach
  • Community Outreach

Supporting these ministries are the Holy Redeemer Parish Council, Holy Trinity Pastoral Council, and the Finance Councils. Included are contact names, description and meeting times. Please contact these people with your questions and comments on how we can improve our services and increase your interest as support volunteers. We need your HELP!!

Key to Format
Description: Why we're here and what we do.
Contact Name Church:
HR = Holy Redeemer
HT = Holy Trinity
OL = Our Lady of the Snows
HF = Holy Family

Phone Number


Meeting / Time

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Description: The purpose of this program is interior growth - closeness to God. Members joining this group have access to other's prayer support.
OFFICE HR 541-536-3571
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
HR - Friday - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
HT - Thursday - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Altar Servers
Description: To provide training for our young people as altar servers.
Henry (Kim) Davis HR 503-537-8004
David Guasco HT 541-598-6595
Meeting: All Churches
Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
Description: Participate in the body of Christ by distributing the Eucharistic sacrament at the Weekend Mass.
Dorothy Spielman HR 541-536-9477
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
Mary Vroman OL 541-433-2357
Meeting: All Churches
Ministry to the Sick and Homebound
Description: To find people in adult foster homes and private homes without a church home and to draw these people into the Community by bringing them Communion.
Henry Davis HR 503-537-8004
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
Greeters / Ushers / Hospitality
Description: Establish a welcoming and friendly atmosphere prior, during and after the celebration of the Mass.
Judi Kester Greeters - HR 541-536-6166
Carl Jansen HT 541-593-2777
Everyone OL  
Everyone HF  

Meeting: All Churches / Weekends before each Mass


Knights of Columbus (Rev. William Coughlan Council #9932)
Description: Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church.
Chuck Washburn Grand Knight 541-536-5050
David Guasco Financial Secretary 541-598-6595
Meeting: 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:00PM (location rotates between HR & HT - call the office).
Description: Lectors make known the Word of God through the first and second liturgy reading and prayer of the faithful at Mass.
George Spielman HR 541-593-2990
Jim McCormick HT 541-598-9075
Meeting: All Churches
Liturgical Art
Description: Provides flowers, designs banners, calligraphic work, and other liturgical and community artwork, and establishes guidelines for artwork in the church building.
Liz Manczak HR 541-388-7330
Elreta Humeston HT 541-598-7332
Liturgy Committee
Description: Planning, preparation, and evaluation of liturgies. Coordinate style and content within seasonal themes.
Nick Wavers ALL Churches 541-815-3424
Music Ministry
Description: To provide celebration, prayer and a sense of community through song at the Masses and special occasions. Music Ministry includes members of the choir, musicians, cantors, and the music director. Rehearsals are open to all.
Nick Wavers ALL Churches 541-815-3424
Prayer Chain
Description: Members pledge to pray for all requests brought to the group. In critical times of illness, accident, death, and personal problems we turn to God for comfort. The knowledge that others are praying in our behalf brings added comfort and healing.
Debbie Barrett HR 541-593-2990
Marge Mooney HT 541-593-2287
Mary Dutcher OL 541-433-2519
Laura Parks HR 541-576-2651
Description: Prepare for Weekend Liturgy. Maintain sacred vessels and order supplies of wine, bread and candles.
Nick Wavers HR 541-815-3424
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
Meeting Place: All Churches / Weekends

Adult Education Study
Description: On-going ministry which takes various forms from sacramental preparation to Bible study
OFFICE HR/HT 541-536-3571
Meeting: All Churches as scheduled.
Baptism Preparation
Description: Preparation for parents and Godparents of young children for initiation into the community through the sacrament of Baptism. Please call for church's baptismal policy.
OFFICE HR/HT 541-536-3571
First Communion / Reconciliation Preparation
Description: These programs include fellowship and educational contact intended to welcome into our community and prepare individuals and families for sacraments fundamental to our faith. First Communion Program includes weekly sessions educating children (2nd grade and older) and their parents in the sacraments of Eucharist and Liturgy.
Mary Scarloto ALL CHURCHES 541-536-1992
Lenten Program
Description: This yearly program provides outstanding meatless soup and bread dinners throughout the Lenten Season combined with Stations of the Cross.
Toni Baker HR 541-536-2959
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
Meeting: Fridays during Lent - Stations begin at 5:30PM followed by a meatless soup dinner (donations for dinner are given to the poor in our community).
Marriage Preparation
Description: Classes and counseling for the preparation of adults for a Catholic marriage. Please call for church's marriage policy.
OFFICE 541-536-3571
Meeting: 3 months preparation
Mission Committee
Description: Organizes and promotes the annual Parish Mission held at Holy Redeemer.
Chuck Washburn Parish 541-536-5050
Meeting: Meetings are specific to mission agenda - please call.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Description: RCIA provides information and personal preparation to adults considering what it means to be Catholic, and considering Baptism and full communion into the Roman Catholic faith.
OFFICE 541-536-3571
Meeting: 22 week program (generally begins in October and goes through the Easter Vigil).
Teen Ministry
Description: Teenagers will learn to use the Bible, become involved with the community and take time to get to know one another. This will promote better understanding and growth in our young people: That we are all children of God; That our obligation is to know Our Lord better through His Word and involvement with His people, both in our church community and outside of it.
Toby & Jennifer Wilson Middle School (R.O.C.K.) 541-536-8917
* Meeting: HR Children's Chapel; Wed 5:15 - 6:45 PM
Shawn & Sally Sutton High School (C.H.A.O.S.) 541-536-7610
* Meeting: HR Church; Wed 5:15 - 6:45 PM
Vacation Bible School
Description: A one-week summer school program for Kindergarten through 5th Grade providing children an opportunity to enrich their faith and understanding through Bible stories, skits, crafts, music, friendship and fun. Adults volunteer in various aspects of the program and have assistance from the older youth.
Mary Scarloto HR 541-536-1992
Meeting: Holy Redeemer / Call for current information
Holy Redeemer Altar Society
Description: This ministry covers a variety of services including altar flowers, holiday church decorating, fund raisers, Friday night Lenten suppers after Stations of the Cross, Patio Sale, Christmas Bazaar, assisting in the Red Cross blood drive, supervising sacristans who care for Altar cloths, the Sunshine ministry, mail cards/keep in touch with the new parishioners, keeping the church clean and a welcoming place for all.
Pres. Ro Copeland (Holy Redeemer)
Vice Pres. Sharon Davis 541-536-2870
OFFICE (Holy Trinity) 541-593-5990
Legion of Mary
Description: Largest Apostolic organization in the Catholic church. Provides Catholics an opportunity to do something positive for the Church while at the same time deepening their spiritual life and strengthening their faith.
Teresita Toscano 541-536-2034
Meeting Place: Call for Place
Description: To build and maintain the church Library's.
Carole Barclay HR 541-536-3124
OFFICE HT 541-593-5990
Meeting: Library / As needed
Parish Bulletin / Newsletter
Description: Parish-wide information published weekly.
OFFICE HR 541-536-3571
Meeting Time: Deadline for submission is Tuesday by Midnight.
Parish Communications:  News Media & Web site
Description: To provide current information to parish members, visitors, and everyone throughout the world with an internet connection seeking information regarding what our parish believes and does to communicate the spirit of Jesus and his divine mercy.
OFFICE 541-536-3571 / 541-593-5990
Property Maintenance
Description: To maintain and enhance the physical property (excluding landscaping) in a usable, safe and operational condition. Members perform repairs and preventative maintenance, and select appropriate vendors to perform repair or services. Members apply their talents on an as required basis.
OFFICE HR & HT 541-536-3571
Meeting Place / Time: As Needed
Description: We regularly celebrate as a community. Activities involve whole parish, but are tailored toward helping our families learn and express their Christian heritage as they celebrate table fellowship while sharing a meal. This includes regular potlucks.
Toni Baker HR 541-536-2959
Pat Anderes HT 541-593-1123
Mary Vroman OL 541-433-2357
Laura House HF 541-576-2415
Meeting: As Scheduled for Holy Redeemer and Holy Trinity. Our Lady of the Snows holds a monthly potluck every 4th Sunday. Holy Family holds a monthly potluck every 2nd Sunday.
Sunday Coffee Hour
Description: Coffee Hour allows us to continue celebration of the Sunday Mass. It provides the opportunity for new and old parish members to cultivate existing friendships and make new friends. It also honors special occasions and sacraments. Volunteers provide baked goods each Sunday morning and prepare and serve coffee and juice after each Mass. They also clean up afterwards.
Eva Krueger HR 541-536-8936
Welcoming Committee
Description: Through a 6 month process, these committee members bring our new parshioners a warm personal welcoming that ends with a great call to Stewardship.
Cecilia Costas Parish 541-598-2998
Meeting: Meetings are on an as need basis - please call.
Telephone Tree
Description: To manage an efficient telephone tree for informing parishioners of events and late breaking news.
OFFICE HR 541-536-3571
Anne Lippert HT 541-330-6855
Mary Vroman OL 541-433-2357
Laura House HF 541-576-2415


Funerals & Weddings
Description: Prepare and serve meals after funeral services held at the church and clean up, too. Assists with hospitality during weddings.
Patti Abbett HR 541-280-4338
Pat Anderes HT 541-593-1123
Meeting: All Churches as needed.
Holy Trinity Community Outreach (Care & Share Program)
Description: Guided by the Holy Spirit, this program is to foster and encourage participation by church members in sharing time, talent and resources with families/children at the Three Rivers Grade School and residential areas south of Sunriver to LaPine. Activities focus on after-school programs, monthly food boxes for the needy, and the Christmas basket program. In 2009, the Care & Share Program supplied food to 200+ families composed of 600+ individuals each month. This program could always use more volunteers to help.
Marlene and David Guasco 541-598-6595
Meeting: Distributions are held the last Friday of each month (except Nov & Dec). Location is a warehouse in front of Three Rivers School in the Business District in Sunriver.
Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers
Description: The volunteers are neighbors who give a helping hand to seniors and to persons of any age who live with a disability.
Marilyn Myers HR/HT 541-598-7280
Meeting Place: High Lakes Christian Church, La Pine
Meeting Time: First Tuesday after the First Monday at 5pm
St. Vincent dePaul
Description: Provides food and additional services (shelter, utilities, medical aid) as need arises within community. All services are confidential.
STORE PHONE 541-536-1956
Meeting: New Retail Thrift Store (9-5, Mon-Sat) On Huntington, North of La Pine Post Office

Administrative and Finance Councils
Description: To serve as a planning and advisory body for the parish in the management of its physical assets. It also serves as a Financial Review Panel.
Andy Meeuwsen (Pres) HR 541-536-8585
Jerry Moore HR 541-536-2894
Henry (Kim) Davis HR 503-537-8004
Arlene Mura HR/HT/OL/HF 541-536-2248
Mike Brannan (Pres) HT 541-593-6021
Jonathan Kahnoski HT 541-598-2047
David Jendro HT 541-593-0232
David Guasco HT 541-598-6595
Roger Pfeifer HT 541-593-4478
Mike House HF 541-576-2415
Mary Dutcher OL 541-433-2519
Holy Redeemer Parish Council
Description: This group sets the goals for community development, social action, and other pastoral ministries. They meet as a full team and in sub-committees to plan programs, prioritize resources, initiate and review activities supporting the diverse ministerial needs of the parish. Members consist of the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Office staff, President of the Altar Society Faith Development Coordinator, and 9 elected members from the parish at large. Each member acts as an advocate and communicator for various organized ministries of the parish.
Tony Bergeron, President 541-536-3197
Mary Lowe 541-536-1055
Debbie Barrett, Vice President 541-593-2990
Mike House, HF Representative 541-576-2415
Steve Rummell, Pastoral President 541-536-7634
Mary Vroman, OLOS Representative 541-433-2357
Holy Trinity Council Rep. see list below
Meeting: Parish Rectory / 4th Tuesday at 4:00 pm
Holy Trinity Pastoral Committee
Description: This autonomous group conducts the business for the Holy Trinity Community in much the same fashion as the Parish Council mentioned above, as an arm of that council. Members consist of the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Operations Manager, and 5 elected members of Holy Trinity Church at large.
Cecilia Costas, President HT 541-598-2998
Kathie Thatcher, Vice-President HT 541-593-3318
Jim Humeston HT 541-598-7332
Ray Cecchi HT 541-598-2062
Marlene Guasco HT 541-598-6595
Meeting Place: Holy Trinity Church / 1st Thursday, 10:15 AM


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