Most Blessed Sacrament     



                                    MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT SCHOOL

                                                    MISSION STATEMENT



Most Blessed Sacrament School is a Catholic parish ministry providing spiritual formation and quality academic education with the support and involvement of parents, the parish, and the civic community.


On a basis of Christian principles in the Catholic tradition, students will be educated to make life-long contributions to themselves, their families, their community, and the  Catholic Church.






To complete the mission of Most Blessed Sacrament parochial school we will strive to achieve these goals:


          To develop Catholic values through prayer, sacrament, and service.

          To remember that each of our students is unique and special.

          To promote lifelong learning and sharing by modeling a spirit of inquiry in faith and knowledge.

          To maintain a nurturing and caring environment which instills self-esteem and personal discipline in our students.

          To instill a personal responsibility and a vision to strive for a just and peaceful world.

          To strive for academic excellence by providing students with the skills, resources, curriculum, and technology needed to embrace the challenges of the future.

          Help students reach their potential.