The Missionary Society of Saint Paul of Nigeria

Founded by
Cardinal Dominic Ekandem

Established by the
Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria







The Missionaries of Saint Paul

Pro Christo Legatione Ergo Fungimur

We are Ambassadors for Christ: 2 Cor. 5: 20

In the Coat of Arms of the Missionary Society of 
St Paul of Nigeria are the following:


The Cross-Sign of Salvation

A Dove-Signifying the Presence of the Holy Spirit

A Stole-Sign of the Ministry

The Bible-Word of God

The Globe-The Whole World as the Area of Ministry


It is timely: the Church in Nigeria by reason of her bright future in vocations, has a responsibility towards the whole of bring the Good News to all places in the Continent and even further afield.         

Dominic Cardinal Ekandem, 1976.

Praying that this institution will be a center of Eucharistic piety where young men will deepen their faith and charity in prayerful study of God's word and be strengthened to communicate a life-giving and uplifting Gospel to their brethren.

Cardinal Villot, 1977.

Conversation of Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus:
Saul, Saul, Why Are You Persecuting Me?



Brief History of the Society

Hymn playing is Blest Are They


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