The Missionary Society of Saint Paul of Nigeria

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Cardinal Dominic Ekandem

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Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria







Ambassador Publications 

Ambassador Publications is an instrument as well as a means by which the Missionary Society of St Paul makes its contributions to the Pen-Apostolate, in the footstep of its patron saint, St Paul. It achieves this goal mainly through its Ambassador Magazine published quarterly, known as The Catholic Ambassador.
The Ambassador Publications is also the trade name of the communications arm of the Missionary society of St Paul. The word ‘Ambassador’ is derived from the motto of the Society which is: “we are ambassadors for Christ.” The Society is an indigenous missionary institute founded in Nigeria.
In 1980, the department started the publications of a quarterly magazine, The Catholic Ambassador, that part of its mission consists of making known the Missionary Society of St Paul, as well as serving the needs of the Church in Nigeria. Because of the increasing cost of production, the editions of the magazine, for now have been reduced to two a year. Moreover, the department publishes annually The Catholic Diary and Directory, and The Liturgical Calendar for the Nigeria Church.  It also undertakes the publication of new religious books , and reprint previous publications which it sells  at highly subsidized prices to people who needed them but couldn’t afford them. It  gets copy right permission to reproduce spiritual audio and video tapes as well. All these are distributed by the Ambassador Book Center. For now, most of these ventures are achieved with the help of foreign grants , but the department itself in putting things in place to be self-sufficient in the near future.

The Ambassador Publications
Missionary Society of St Paul
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