funeral date and time for Father Nagle is set for Monday, october 9, 2006

 at 11 am in the OUR LADY OF LOURDES worship CENTER. 

Rosary is set for Sunday at 4 PM AT THE CHURCH.




Don’t forget to call in or write in your mass intensions.  Call the office and leave a message or let Mary Jane or Fr. Jeff know when and what mass you want for your intensions.


Please call the church office for emergencies.  Messages are checked periodically if no one answers the phone.  Fr. Jeff is living in the rectory and does answer the phone.  Thank you.


1st Sunday Food for the Poor

We continue to collect food for the poor on the first Sunday of each month.  Bring your canned food items to the church and we will stock up the Food Pantry.  Please bring only nonperishable items.


Primer Domingo Comida para los pobres:  Nuestra comunidad empezarán recoger comidas para los pobres el primer Domingo de cada mes.  Por favor nos trae comidas que no se perece, los que podemos poner en nuestro banco de comida.


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