Ringing of the Bell
The ringing of the bell at the New Year's eve Mass (2005) commenced the year long celebration of the parish's 100th jubilee year.  Parishioners joined in the ringing by bringing in "little" bells to ring along in harmony during the singing of the Gloria.  The large Parish bell came from atop the original church which now serves as a parish center.


The chandelier which currently hangs above the choir loft, came from our original church and needed to be repaired and rewired with new sockets.  The prisms needed to be cleaned and re-strung.  Each strand of the numerous prisms, had to be removed individually before the light fixture itself could be taken down.  Some strands were very brittle and broke with pieces falling everywhere.  On Friday, April 22, 2005, Vintage Lighting of Aurora re-installed the refurbished chandelier.  It now shines brightly and is a beautiful piece of our Parish's history.

The sanctuary lamp that hangs over the main altar was also refinished.  It was from the original church.

The baptismal font near the side altar (Sacred Heart) was refinished. It was from the original church.

Jubilee Mass
A Jubilee Mass was celebrated on Sunday, September 18, 2005 at 10:00 am.  Bishop Matthew Clark concelebrated the mass with former pastors of St. Hyacinth Church.

Jubilee Banquet
A Jubilee Banquet was held on Sunday, September 18, 2005, at the Holiday Inn in Auburn.  Hundreds of parishioners along with former pastors and priests of St. Hyacinth were in attendance.  Local politicians including Mayor Tim Lattimore of Auburn was also present and spoke at the ceremonies.

The year long celebration came to a conclusion at New Year's Eve Mass (2006) with the ringing of the bell along with parishioners joining in with their little bells.


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