A brief history of St. Hyacinth

Dear Parishioners,

You are part of history--the history of St. Hyacinth Church. As a member you participate in the almost hundred years that this parish has been in existence.  We live in the present, and so much of the past is history, but when we reflect on the passage of time, we understand how each one of us is connected as a family.

History has presented us with many interesting facts over this span of time.   In the 1890's people from the Eastern European countries began to flow into the area to seek a new way of life, and many of Polish descent settled in Auburn.  In time the parish saw the need to be nourished and refreshed.  They felt the need to retain the customs and traditions from their native land , and so the parish of St. Hyacinth was formed in 1905.

Many changes, as throughout the history of man,  impacted upon the people of the church.  World War I, the Depression with all its allied poverty, the many reforms of the Roosevelt era, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnamese War changed the nation, families and the church.  Stability in living was affected, and families no longer lived within short distances of one another, but had to travel  many miles to visit those whom they loved.  Many factories that people depended upon for their livelihood closed or moved to other locations.

Changes also affected the Catholic Church.  Latin was the language of the Mass; the priest faced the altar; Holy Communion was received on the tongue by the person in a kneeling position, and the obligations of fast and abstinence were more demanding upon the person during the Lenten Season.  Vatican II was updating the Church.

In 1964  the parish family built and opened their new place of Worship--the beautiful, modern, spacious and almost maintenance free Church.  The gem of Auburn allowed people to feel exteriorly the awesome presence of God interiorly.

Some of the negatives also took place. The famous grammar school, conducted by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, closed. The strong family ties that gave both prestige, power and stability to the neighborhood shifted to other areas.  And so changes took place and affected the makeup of the parish.

The CCD, the religious education of the young, has filled in the necessary area of Growth in the Faith, where the parish school system has left off because of its closing.  Dedicated leaders and teachers, by their continuing lived faith, have shared their knowledge of God with their students.


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