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   St. Joseph Church in Canton, MO is now part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City. The mailing address for the Parish Office is:  812 Lewis Street, Canton, MO 63435. Our Office is located next to St. Joseph Church (just down the hill from Culver-Stockton College). This is also the office for Notre Dame Church in LaGrange, MO. The Shrine of St. Patrick in St. Patrick, MO, our neighbor to the north, now has it's office at St. Michael's Church in Kahoka, MO. The Mississippi River flowing north and south just to the east of Canton, also forms the eastern border of Lewis County in Northeast Missouri.

     The Parish was founded in 1865 and the current Church building was constructed with volunteer help in 1954 and dedicated by the late Bishop John P. Cody, of the St. Joseph Diocese. The rectory was planned and decorated by Fr. Stephen Sandknop and completed in 1976.

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We welcome Catholic Students from Culver-Stockton College. We also encourage Catholics living in our area to register at the Parish Office. If we can be of assistance regarding Baptism, Religious Education, Marriage, Reconciliation, First Communion, Anointing of the Sick, information about the Catholic Church or the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Mass Schedule, or Community Service, please call the number below. Marriage in the Catholic Church should be arranged 4 to 6 months prior to the anticipated date of the Ceremony. We would also be happy to provide information regarding preparation for Confirmation, and especially an e-mail address for Our Vocation Committee, if you are considering a Vocation to Diaconate, Priesthood, or as a Consecrated Religious Brother or Sister.   

573-288-3198  (during office hours)

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812 Lewis St.
Canton, MO 63435-1449
Mrs. Nancy Wilson
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