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Called to Serve?
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  To All Parishioners:

Are you being called to serve? Have you ever felt that you could be doing something for your faith community in some way or other? Do you think you could be doing your community a service and are willing to do this “something” but are not quite sure what to do? Take a few minutes to think about the following?

1. What is your present life situation?

Are you single, do you have children, are you elderly with some free time? All these factors could help to zero in on a decision

2. What are some of your talents?

Are you a good listener, a good reader? Do you love to pray? Are you good with children? Are you a good organizer? Do you have a heart of gold and care for the elderly? Is Math your forte? Are you a good cook? Are you musically inclined?

3. Are you convinced that you can make a difference in the lives of others?

4. Are you just unsure of where to turn or whom to approach?

Your Faith Community would greatly benefit from your time and talents in the capacity you would be willingly to share. Let us assure you that your efforts would be greatly appreciated and would make a difference in the lives of others? Please look over the list below and then spend some time in prayer. This week would be an excellent time to invoke the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Spirit to enlighten you, counsel you and strengthen you. Ask the Spirit specifically for some guidance in your decision. I can assure you that you will be heard and your prayer will be answered.

Read over the following ministries and take some time to pray as you ponder your talents.

Altar server, Lector, Greeting parishioners before Mass, Cantor, Singing or playing in a group, Religious Education teacher, cook for Senior Luncheon, Coordinating the Senior Luncheon, sewing Baptism bibs or altar linens, Visiting the elderly in Nursing Homes,