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Lent is almost here.  This story by Patty Thurlow inspired me and gave me much to think about. I thought you would like it also.  It reminds me of what Jesus said in Matthew 25:40: "I say to you, as long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethren, you did it for me."  
                         MM Van Damme

Patty Thurlow and Dot Lightaul Dorothy Lightaul is 45 years old.  Her nickname is Dot. She graduated from New York State School for the Deaf in Rome, NY, in 1975.  She is now a resident at a nursing home in Fulton, NY.  She works at Oswego Industries in Fulton 3 times a week. She became blind about age 20.

I am Patricia Thurlow age 35 years old.  My nickname is Patty. I graduated from Rochester School for the Deaf in 1986.  I live in Fulton, NY.  I worked at the Fulton School Lunch Program for 9 years.

Anne Parish introduced me to Dot at the nursing home.  Dot is happy when I visit her and try to talk and communicate with her.  I enjoy trying to talk with her in American Sign Language (ASL).  I try and make her understand and sometimes she responds.  I hate to see her alone in the nursing home.  It seems she would like to have company.


World Youth Day 2002
with Pope John Paul II
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ages 16 & 17: overnight trip
Ages 18 through 35: week-long trip
Information: email
or call 339-2143

    Syracuse Diocese H S Students
National Catholic Youth Conference
           December 6-9, 2001
               Indianapolis IN

(Holly Cutler, Joey Brognano, Kateri Van Damme, Matt Nethercott, Matt Cutler, and 3 friends)

In Indianapolis:

Matt Cutler and
 Mary Margaret Van Damme
with the Archbishop of Atlanta,
 a Deaf supporter

YOU can be there...December Houston !

It's your very own YOUTH DAY !
     March 23rd
Don't Miss This!   Call the Deaf Office SOON!  
(if going with your parish, let them know an interpreter is needed!)

Hands speak.
Hands can shout with joy.
Hands can go to sleep while rejoicing.
Hands can become claws.
Hands can become fists.
Hands can lift up and toss down.
Hands can build up and destroy.
The Hands of People

Lent is so very difficult because it's a time when we face ourselves
...and discover many things...
Among them, our half-hearted service to God.
                                                                                  Catherine Doherty

Rest In Peace:   Pauline V. Lewis    and     Joanne Jackowski's Mother

 Catholic Deaf Community Council Officers
Fr. Peter Williams, Chaplain
Jane Long  (Secretary)
Frances Harmon (Vice President)
 Patty Thurlow  (President)
Mary Margaret Van Damme, Director
Mattie Letham  (Corresponding Secretary)

      Wednesday, February 13th

St James, Johnson City     5:30 PM
St Lucy, Syracuse              5:30 PM ?
St John, Liverpool              7 PM
St Peter, Rome                   7 PM
St Francis DeSales             5:15 PM


MASS with Bishop Moynihan   March 23rd  5 PM
Readers       Greeters   Gospel Passion Readers        Servers
Ministers of the Bread & Cup        Banner & Gift Carriers

Call: 315-735-8184      Email:  

Matt and
Holly Cutler
who were recently confirmed
at St. John the Baptist in Rome

Jane Long is now a Grannie.
Best Wishes to Jennifer & Keith on
Luke Walter Redmore  January 9th

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