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 Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
  July-August 2000 NEWS
 Jubilee deaf pilgrimage day!

  Save October 8th!!!

  This Jubilee 2000 is a year of spiritual renewal; a time to meet Jesus
  personally; a year filled with the generous love of God!  It is a time to strenghthen
  our faith and our Christian witness.

  This year is a good time for Reconciliation and Pilgrimage!!

  Reconciliation is when we receive forgiveness from God...and also forgive
  ourselves and others.  It is when we repent our wrong ways and decide to change
  our hearts and lives.  It is a wonderful Sacrament.

  Pilgrimage is traditionally a journey to a shrine or church for a religious
  purpose.  Sometimes this was made on foot and for many, many miles.  Some people
  go to the Holy Land or to Rome.  But we can go to a nearby place...or even into our
  own heart!  It is the journey, the time to make us think of God, that is important. 
  We use our body, our senses, our minds and hearts to focus on God's gift  of our

       Special Day of Reconciliation and  Pilgrimage!!!

          From Fr Peter A Williams:

  Hi!  I am back from sabbatical.  And what a surprise!  I am at St Francis de Sales in Utica again!  It's the same location as the Deaf Community office, and I see Mary Margaret often!

Same location, yes, BUT my job is different now.  I am "administrator" of St Francis de Sales Parish.  I am the priest for all the people of the parish until Fr Fred returns from his sabbatical. 

After Fr Fred returns, what will I do? I probably will help with another church. Will I help with Deaf Church?  Sure I will.  Mary Margaret will continue to take care of most things, and I will SOMETIMES pray with you at Mass.  I cannot come to your town on Saturday night or Sunday mornings.  I CAN come visit your town other times. 

If you want to have a special Deaf Mass in your area, I can help!  Please communicate with Mary Margaret about this.

                God bless you all!


National Deaf Cursillo
Oct. 12-15, 2000
Douglaston (Queens), NY
Anne Parish is walking just fine now, and can see better after her first cataract operation. 
  Let's pray the second one goes as well!
  Cliff Kavanaugh is also "on the mend".
  Ask Dale & Cliff about their trip to LV!

 Remember Joan Emerick in your prayers.
  She is recovering from serious surgery...but is still feisty!

  Congratulations to Christian Wojnar. 
   He graduated from Gallaudet in May with a BS degree in Political Science.  He
  graduated "magna cum laude" (with highest praise)!
  In the Fall, Christian will go to George Washington College in DC to study law.
  (Wow! A deaf  lawyer-just what we need!)
  Recently, Christian became engaged to Julie Henstreet, who also graduated from
  Gallaudet.  They met at Camp Mark 7 while working in the summer programs. Their
  wedding is planned for 2001.
       Good luck, Christian & Julie.
             We are proud of you!

  East Area
Jean Hebbard fractured her back in FL, but that didn't stop her for long!  She improves


   Office News
  Jeanette D Romanowski has given me a letter of resignation from the job of Assistant
  Director.  She would like to spend more time with her family.  BUT she will still work as
  a Lay we will see her often! (She will be at  Immaculate Heart of Mary,
  Liverpool, July 22 & 23 speaking for the Catholic Deaf Community.)

  Jane Long, who many of you know very well, will be the new Assistant Director. 

Thank you to those who helped with the May 31st Ascension Mass and reception.
  Beth & Robert & Patty, Fr Pete, Mattie, Marion, Frances & Robert, Mary & Robert, Matt
  & Holly, & Bea (did I forget anyone?).
           You did beautiful work! 
Pictures from the May 31 picnic