Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
June 2002 News

Feast of the Assumption - August 15

August 9-10-11
Beauty and Power: The Mass

Catholic or Not, Interested or Just Curious, Adults and Children!
Father Glenn Nelson works with the Deaf of the Rockford Illinois Diocese.
 Before he became a priest, he received a degree in Deaf Education and taught and interpreted for two years.  He is happy to come to our area to teach us about the  Mass.  You will enjoy his talk and his jokes!  He will also answer any questions!

     Friday August 9th:          7:00 PM     Social & Meet Fr Glenn Nelson
     Saturday August 10th:    9:00 AM    Open Doors & Coffee and Donuts
     All Day Workshop         9:30 AM    Workshop
                                          10:30 AM   Break
                                          12 Noon      Catered Lunch
                                          1:00 PM     Workshop continues
                                          2:30 PM     Break
                                           5:00 PM      Dinner (maybe picnic sandwiches)
                                       After Dinner....Questions, Social, Games
    Sunday August 11th:      10:00 AM    Signed Mass
                                After Mass Coffee & Donuts                                          Schedule can change...but we hope not too much! 

Aug. 9-11

St. Augustine Parish
7333 O'Brien Road
near Foxfire Golf Course
Apologies to the ESDGA! We tried to find another weekend but Fr Nelson only gets off the second weekend
and I knew he would be wonderful. So I found a place near you if you or your  non-golfing spouses might be able to come.
GOOD LUCK to all the Golfers! WELCOME!

Want a button like this? Ask MM. She got some from the Knights of Columbus.

ICDA 102 had a Picnic Dinner in May.  It was fun for all: friends, food, fun raffle and a game.  We didn't want to leave!

In Johnson City on June 9th, the Memorial Mass for Pauline Lewis was expanded to also remember Helen Fleming, Nettie Fusco, and Joan Emerick.  It was good to gather to think of all these wonderful women and what they are to us.  The Potluck afterwards lasted a long time.

Thanks to all who are visiting Dorothy Lightaul!  Thanks to Patty Thurlow and Anne Parish for all their work.
Please pray for Anne Parish's health.

Mary DeMatteo-Vitale  has agreed to be our Archivist...and is busy putting all our pictures in order.  What a job.
Thank you, Mary!

NYSSD's Religious Education classes ended for this school year with a party together with Rev Ginger Nagel's class.  They were such fun for students and teachers!  Thank you, Rev Ginger!  Thank you also to Krista Chapple who assists Mary Margaret Van Damme in the Catholic classes.

NYSSD's Graduation is June 21st.  Adam Drake, one of our Readers at the Palm Sunday Mass, is graduating with honors.  He is often in the Rome papers for his awards.  When the newspaper interviewed and asked his favorite hangout he replied: Syracuse Deaf Catholic group. Congratulations, Adam!!

 Thank you to Matthew and Holly Cutler for serving on the Diocesan Youth Council.  They were great reps for the Catholic Deaf Community.

Mary Margaret Van Damme  and Jane Long have been on the go.  They represented our area at the Canadian ICDA Conference and the NY State Diocesan  Pastoral Workers with the Deaf.  
Mary Margaret also spent a weekend with the lively Youth Ministers of Region II, which covers NY State.
They know the youth are also The and the future.

She, and her husband/our webmaster Jim, also spent an evening with the Knights of Columbus of the Central NY Chapter...meeting many, sharing dinner, and receiving their strong financial support for Deaf Ministry.

Then there was the wedding of Mary Margaret's oldest son, Leo, to lovely Kathleen...who works in Youth Ministry in Rochester, and works with Fr Ray Fleming, Pastor of Emmanuel Church of the Deaf. 

Fr Ray presided over the wedding vows, and said a special prayer of The Blessing of the Hands!


Fifty Years of Religious Life: Sister Margaret Duffy

Forty Years of Priesthood:
Father James Fallon
Father James Mathews

Father Robert Dwyer

Twenty Five Years of Priesthood:
Father Thomas Coughlin

Ordination to Priesthood:
Father Philip Brockmyer

Ordination to Deacon:
Tom Servatius


Sit.   Look around.
All God gives you.
His Son
With love.
Give Praise & Thanks.

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