"Hail, Mary, full of grace!"
The Feast of the Annunciation of Jesus is March 25

 Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
  March 2000 NEWS
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                                      !!GRAND PRIZE!!

What is a Grand Prize to you?  Some people might smile and say, "If I won a million dollars...what a prize!"  Well, what do you think of: Heaven.  Heaven?  Clouds and gold streets...boring!  But Heaven is more than that.  It is being with God who is Love and Joy and Truth and Beauty and Happiness and even more...in all the glory and all the wonders...FOREVER.  Now that's worth more than a mere million, and it can be yours.  How?   Jesus shows us!  He is The Way!  We can read the Bible.  We can pray.  We can find out how to live.  We can be with other people who are trying (our Church members).

NOW is the time to start.  Lent is the perfect time to look at your life right now and change what you need to get to Heaven.

LENT 2000
This year you can join with others throughout the Syracuse Diocese in this special program.  Together we will learn from Jesus where to find God in our lives and how to get that Grand Prize.

In the South: dates and places vary...ask Jane Long.
In the West:  Mattie Letham can tell you
In the East: Thursday evenings at the home of Mary Margaret Van Damme
In the North: call the office 
For more information call the office (315-735-8184 V/TTY) or email (syrdeaf@juno.com)

                                          Heaven !    Let's get there!

         Lent starts March 8th

               Ash Wednesday  masses

        St John's, Liverpool           7 pm
        St James', Johnson City     5:30 pm
        St Lucy's, Syracuse           5:15pm
        St peter's, Rome               7 pm
        St Francis DeSales, Utica  5:15pm

Church locations:
LIVERPOOL  St John's Church , on Soule Road
JOHNSON CITY  St James Church, on Main Street
SYRACUSE  St Lucy's Church, near Gifford Street, 2 blocks west from West Street
ROME  St Peter's Church, next to the fort, on N James Street
UTICA  St Francis DeSales, near the corner of Eagle & Elm Streets


3 Stephen Charma
10 Robert Harmon
13 Rev Robert Dwyer
17 Holly Cutler
10 Mr & Mrs Michael Bermann
31 Mr & Mrs Frank Rakowski
Anne Parish has been awarded Guardianship of Dorothy Lightaul.  Dorothy resides at Michaud Nursing Home in Fulton and would enjoy visitors.
Anne was back at interpreting the Masses for December 8th and Christmas Day.  She wants to remind everyone of the Masses now interpreted in nearby Liverpool at St John's.

The Southern Region had their annual Spaghetti Dinner following Mass at St James on Sunday, February 6th.  It was a great success and a lot of fun.  We tried to remember how long ago it was that we had our first dinner.  It started when one dad bragged about his great spaghetti sauce.  Then another dad said he could  make pretty good sauce too.  The group decided a cook out would be a good idea so we could decide which dad makes the better sauce.  Then a third dad also said he makes the best sauce.  And it sort of became a tradition for the Southern Region that only the men would prepare this annual dinner on an early Sunday each year...but NOT on Superbowl Sunday.  This year we had a huge group, and the award went out for the sauces: Best Aroma, Most Meat, and Best Color to Ed Meka, Joe Romani, and Gary DiNardo.  Many thanks to all the dads and to everyone who helped make our annual dinner a big success.

Mabel Edick, Paul Syzmanski, Steve DiNardo, Joe Romani, Gary DiNardo

Judy Romani, Linda Egitto, Katie Egitto, Joey Romani, Rita Romani

Kelly, Hannah, & Hugh Thorner, Jeanne Meka, Jeff Stevens, Scott & Suzi Trelease, Kris Krush, Stan Suchocki, Sue Houghtelen. Hiding: Joan Emerick and Tim Krush

Frank Egitto & son, Jarod Houghtelen studies the camera pensively, Mike Romani keeps on eating

"The Three Dads": Gary DiNardo, Joe Romani, and Ed Meka. Great sauce, guys!

Nearly 18 months ago, St Lucy's Church was damaged by the 1998 Labor Day storm.  During those months we celebrated Mass in the gym.  On Sunday, Feb 6, we entered our beautiful repaired Church for the 10:00 Mass.  All of us were very excited.  There were more than 400 people joining in the celebration along with Bishop Costello.  We were very proud when the Bishop said to us, 
"This church is awesome (wonderful) and you are awesome people.  And you have an awesome Leader, Father Mathews."
The Deaf community has been part of St Lucy's Parish for many, many years (25-30).  Over the past 15 years some of us have become lay ministers, Eucharistic ministers, and readers.  We feel valued by our Pastor and our Church family.  We are happy to be part of this Church community.

On Feb 18, Ola Wratten, a member of the Syracuse Deaf community died after a long battle with cancer.  She died at St Francis House.  People who take care of the sick at this House were with Ola when she gave up her spirit to God.  They held her hand and prayed with her.  Ola was a person who was satisfied with very little.  She enjoyed the simple things in life.  Now she has the best gift of all-eternal life with our loving God.

The Barber Shop group is held on the 2nd Tuesday each month.  It is a good time to get together for chatting, goodies, and fun.

NYSSD has Catholic Religious Education again.  The past few years Mother Ginger Nagel has been graciously working with all the children . A BIG Thank You to her!!!
Now Mary Margaret, with the help of Krista Chapple, teaches the classes.

On January 3rd Gordon B Shepherd died.  We gathered to remember his friendship and his life-and to pray for him.
On January 11th, Nellie Charma fell and broke her hip.  She is now in  Room 270
Allen-Calder Center
PO Box 479
Utica, NY 13403
Our Coffee & Donut Sale Feb 13th was
a success.  We will use some of the money to help send children to Camp Mark 7.

Have you seen the Hospitality Row Television ad with Mary Margaret Van Damme in it? It's on Utica/Rome TV stations. St. Francis deSales Church has a number of ministries near it in Utica. 

Do YOU have any of these? .....

The Green Box with the stories of Jesus  feeding people
The little book "The Sower"
The video: "The Rich Man & Lazarus"
The video:  "Signs Of Hope "Anger""
Just let me know and we can arrange how  to get them back to the Office.  Thanks!



Would YOU like to be an Altar Server?
a Lector/Proclaimer?  an Eucharistic 
Minister?  a Religious Education Teacher??

Don't be afraid!  We could arrange for the 
special training necessary.  Call or write:
315-735-8184 V/TTY
email: vandamme@juno.com

Greetings from Fr. Peter in San Antonio!

Hi everyone! Sabbatical time continues. It is a good time for thinking, praying and learning. I miss everyone!

On Feb 1, I began driving to Texas.  It took me 10 days to get here, with stops in Erie Pa, Cleveland OH, Greenville OH, louisville KY, St louis MO, Joplin MO,and  Ft Worth TX. I visited relatives and friends in many of these places.

One of my favorite sights on the trip was seeing the arch over St Louis from many miles away. Wow! It is big! Also, I found out that lots of places in Missouri and Oklahoma have small hills, it is not all flat. In Kentucky, I stopped to see the Gethsemane Abbey. A famous holy person, Thomas Merton once lived there.

I arrived in San Antonio on Saturday Feb 12. I am at the Mexican American Cultural Center, to learn Spanish.  The program continues until April 21st. Then I will drive home, and see other friends and family along the way, in Alabama and Florida. I will return to the Syracuse area in the middle of May. Here In San Antonio, I am in a area where mostly Mexican-Americans live.
Most of the Catholic churches here have some or all of the Masses in

I am living at the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC). I have not yet seen a Deaf Mass here, but I will have to check that out. All the buildings are new, and it is a plaesure to be here. The weather is warm and sunny, 75 to 80 degrees everyday this week.

The classes are keeping me very busy! I have lots of homework, and I am working hard to learn a lot. Well, that's all for now! I have to go back to my homework! I think of you all often in my prayers!

My address in Texas, until April 21 is:
 Peter A Williams
PO Box  28185
San Antonio TX 78228

Fr Pete W.

If you want Sacramental Preparation for Baptism, First Communion, Confession, Confirmation, Marriage or Anointing of the Sick please let your Lay Minister know!    or Write / Call the office!

                 Grades 6-8
      Junior High Youth Day
    Saturday March 25  2-9 PM
Bishop Ludden Jr/Sr High School
Sure to be a fun time!  Speakers, workshops, Mass, dinner, and a social!
Let us know by March 10th so we can work on transportation & interpreters.

              GRADES 9-12
 Your day is APRIL 29th at Le Moyne
Ask for more information!!!!!

           CODA Scholarships
If you are a high school graduate, two $1500 scholarships for continuing your education  2000-2001 are being offered.
For more information, contact the office.

             Visting Rochester?
The Emmanuel Church of the Deaf holds Sunday Mass at 10 AM.  Their Mass is celebrated on the site at Our Lady of Counsel Church- 75 Ernestine St.
The Church is located at the corner of Ernestine St & Brooks Ave.   Brooks Ave is an exit on 390 (runs north-south).
The Church is just blocks east of the 390 intersection.

                 CAMP MARK 7
Our office has received two applications for financial help to attend Camp Mark 7 this summer.  If you would like to help send these kids, send any donations to

Write on it: For Camp. Thank you!