Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community
November 2002  News
St. Ann, by Leonardo daVinci


                        St. Anne
                    Leonardo daVinci

Litany of the Saints

Lord, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Holy Mary, Mother of God.
Pray for us. Saint Michael,
Pray for us. Holy angels of God,
Pray for us. Saint Joseph,
Pray for us. Saint John the Baptist,
Pray for us. Saint Peter and Saint Paul,
Pray for us. Saint Andrew,
Pray for us. Saint John,
Pray for us. Saint Mary Magdalene,
Pray for us. Saint Stephen,
Pray for us. Saint Ignatius,
Pray for us. Saint Lawrence,
Pray for us. Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity,
Pray for us. Saint Agnes,
Pray for us. Saint Gregory,
Pray for us. Saint Augustine,
Pray for us. Saint Athanasius,
Pray for us. Saint Basil,
Pray for us. Saint Martin,
Pray for us. Saint Benedict,
Pray for us. Saint Francis and Saint Dominic,
Pray for us. Saint Francis Xavier,
Pray for us. Saint John Vianney,
Pray for us. Saint Catherine,
Pray for us. Saint Theresa,
Pray for us. All you saints of God, Pray for us.

Lord, be merciful,Lord, save us. From all harm,
Lord, save us. From every sin,
Lord, save us. From all temptations,
Lord, save us. From everlasting death,
Lord, save us. By Your coming among us,
Lord, save us. By Your death and rising to new life,
Lord, save us. By Your gift of the Holy Spirit,
Lord, save us.

Be merciful to us sinners, Lord, hear our prayer. Guide and protect Your Holy Church,
Lord, hear our prayer. Keep our Pope and all the clergy in faithful service to Your Church.
Lord, hear our prayer. Bring all people together in trust and peace.
Lord, hear our prayer. Strengthen us in Your service.
Lord, hear our prayer.


Jennifer Boone and Aaron Roberts 
Married Saturday October 19, 2002
St. Peter's Church, Rome
(Pictures next newsletter, but here they are as Angelo Mingolelli's Godparents)

Celebrate All Saints Day
Friday, November 1st

Interpreted Masses
Rome: St Peter's  5:30 PM
Johnson City: St James'  5:30 PM
Other Areas: Contact Area Person


St Lucy's, Syracuse
Interpreted Mass will be
Saturday November 2nd at 4 PM
Not  Sunday!
Other Sundays, Mass is at 9 AM


Now that the sun is lower,
Fr Peter Williams will again
Sign Mass!!
November 23rd
5 PM
Followed by refreshments

Election Day  -  November 5th
If you don't vote, don't complain!!

December 21, 2002    Mass & Christmas Party: Camillus
January 29, 2003       ICDA 102  Pizza & Game Night, Utica
April 12, 2003            Palm Sunday Mass with Bishop Moynihan
April 25-27, 2003       Workshop with Timo Owens
May 21, 2003             ICDA 102 Picnic Dinner & Raffle, Utica
June 29-July 5, 2003 ICDA Conference: Philadelphia, PA
   ****Special JrH and HS Youth Celebrations****
September 27, 2003   Mass & Dinner : 55th Anniversary of the
                      Catholic Deaf Community of the Syracuse Diocese
November 2003         ** NCYC for HSers in Houston TX **



Keith & Jennifer Redmore
for the laptop computer!
Now Mary Margaret
can keep busy wherever!

(This isn't it) ---->

               THIS & THAT

Rose Benedict will be celebrating her 90th Birthday on November 16, 2002.
Some of her deaf and hearing friends will help her to celebrate.
Rose has been a member of the ICDA for many years.  When she was younger, she enjoyed going to ICDA Conventions.
We thank Rose for her strong faith!
God has blessed Rose with a long life!  We honor Rose on this special day of her 90th Birthday!

Mary DeMatteo -Vitale: Thank You!!  She worked hard to update the picture albums of the Catholic Deaf Community.

In the Oct/Nov issue of Deaf Rochester News did you see the picture of Adam Drake?  He's a freshman at NTID.

"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" 
By Jacqueline Wilczek

These lyrics ring especially true for young Steven Wilczek, of Remsen, NY. This summer Steven had the opportunity to attend Camp Colby, a N.Y. State Conservation Youth Camp near Saranac Lake. Being the first deaf person to attend, a problem arose. Who would interpret for Steven? With some special arrangements something really great happened. Steven's best friend from the public school where he attends, was allowed to go with him. Always attending a public school, friends who can sign are scarce. But, his best friend since kindergarten, Branden Ward, was very excited about the idea of going so he could help Steven. And, because Branden has learned sign language, the interpreter problem was solved!

So, for one week in August, the two boys got to experience something very special. They both passed a difficult swimming test, and then were introduced to the many wonderful counselors and other boys and girls from all over New York State. They spent the week hiking, canoeing, learning forestry and conservation, naming trees and going fishing. Even the night-time camp fires and story telling all worked out well! Most of the cost for the two boys was covered by the Wyndott Fish and Game Club.

God's blessings to anyone who cares enough to help someone less fortunate. It sometimes makes up for the difficulties and unfairness that people have. Steven and Branden are a great team. They go everywhere together, play every sport together and have a beautiful friendship.

Give thanks! potluck!
November 20, 2002

St. Francis DeSales Utica
Prayer Service 6 PM
Potluck following
Turkey & Beverages provided
Bring food to share & something for the food Bank (Food or $$)
Sponsored by ICDA 102

Thursday, November 7th 2002 at Carousel Mall, Syracuse
4:15 PM Mass In the Mall Chapel
free time for dinner
6:15 PM Meet at 1st Floor elevator to go to special meeting room

Monthly Giving July 2001-June 2002
Each Month
$1 - $5 7 Givers
$6 - $10 7 Givers
$11 -S20 1 Giver
$21+ 1 Giver
These collections are used for the Religious Education classes at NYSSD, our Advent, Lent, and Easter Programs, support of our Lay Ministers, and the expenses of the office ... phone, fax, postage, web page, etc. Thank You to our Givers!
Would YOU please consider becoming a Monthly Giver?









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