Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community News
September 21 2001

Remember Mary?

October is the month that many people remember Mary and the Rosary. The rosary is prayer. It is meditation on the mysteries of Christ. It is a special devotion and not the adoration given to God alone. The rosary prayer leads to adoration of God.
Mary always shows the way to her son, Jesus!

If you would like a rosary and instruction on how to pray the rosary, we have that available in the Office and would love to share with you!

This & That

The shocking, tragic events of September 11th have left us reeling. Some of us were at the monthly Barber Shop in Utica when it was happening. We could share our feelings. It was good to be

Fr Peter Williams will be signing the mass at St Joseph's in Camillus the last Saturday in October. I hope you are enjoying this special Mass! ICDA 102 Rome/Utica is planning for more get-togethers.

Jeanette D Romanowski became a grandmother for the second time onAugust 31st to Mathew James.

I was able to attend the wonderfulworkshop given by Deacon Pat Graybill.
I wish you ALL could have been there!!

In the office, we have some videos that you can borrow: the Palm Sunday 2001 Mass with the Bishop, and also the First Mass of Fr Jim Hall the new Deaf priest.

Please pray for those who made the Deaf Cursillo in Colorado in late September.
Making plans for time-off next year? Save October 24-27, 2002. There will be a Deaf Cursillo in our own state of New York! It is an experience that you willnever forget. So plan now!!

OOPS! Sunday, September 30th Masses as usual!!!

Rest In Peace

Michael Murphy, husband of Bea Murphy
Winifred Dromgoole of Sherburne
Bertha Koliander of Johnson City
Betty Minehan, mother of Fr Minehan
Karen McGann, Pastoral Worker in Pittsburgh

Please Help Us Find Deaf Children

Educating our children is most important. What about their religious education? That is also very important. It is our new
challenge to find deaf children who are not receiving what they should.

If you have deaf children please let us know. We will be happy to help. If you know of other families with deaf
children, tell them we are here for them. Help us to pass on our precious Faith!

Deaf Youth On The Go

Fr. Lang, MM Van Damme, Matt and Holly Cutler Matthew and Holly Cutler from Rome, NY, are the representatives of the Catholic Deaf Community on the Diocesan Youth Council. They are both always on the go! Did you see their picture in The Catholic Sun? It was taken during the Youth Fest in early August. The picture on the left is from their induction into the Youth Council last November..

This summer Holly was able to travel to a special program in Steubenville, Ohio. Matthew spent a month in Michigan as a counselor at the Catholic Deaf Camp there. Then both spent a week at Camp Mark Seven at a program focused on learning more about their Catholic Faith.

Now they are looking forward to representing us at the National Catholic Youth Conference. They are working
hard on raising money for the trip. If you would like to buy a 'Share" in their trip, they would be happy to invite you to a 'Dessert & Chat" about their experiences!


Share the Experience
Buy a Share...Donation $15

Yes, I would like to buy a share and experience the National Catholic
Youth Conference through supporting Matthew and Holly.
I will be invited to a 'Dessert & Chat' after they come home.
Please send to: The Catholic Deaf Community
1119 Elm Street
Utica NY 13501

In Appreciation
For Your Support
Of Our Newsletter

Carol Ann J. Kuklo
Jean O'Hara
Deborah A. Yamini
Marie A. Boland

Community Council Meeting
Carousel Mall

Mary Margaret in Haines, Alaska

Do totem critters have teeth? MM found out in Haines, Alaska 8/21

Needs home

If interested, notify
the office:
315-735-8184 (TTY)


by Fr Pete Williams

The tragic attacks on New York City and Washington have troubled us all deeply. Many people are still feeling shocked, sick to their stomachs, and a heavy sadness. It is normal and OK for people to feel that way, for this is how normal people face tragedy. This is part of what it means to grieve. We all feel broken at this time. It is because we are able to love and to have joy that we also have the ability to grieve the death of others. It is called compassion, and it is good.

Some people are trying to tell us why this happened. Some people say "we are being punished because of sin in our country, because of abortion, liberal feminists, homosexuals,...they make God mad." Such people are trying to tell us GOD did this thing, or purposely allowed it to happen, because of our lack of faith. I say NO to this! GOD DOES NOT PLAN THE TRAGIC MURDER OF PEOPLE. NO! NO! NO! Shame on anyone who would connect the name of God with such a thing. Shame! Don't say such a thing in my presence, I won't tolerate it.

Yes, we all sin. Our country, and all countries on earth commit serious sin. When we sin, it hurts ourselves and others. In that sense, every human being is in some way responsible when bad things happen in the world, such as war, violence, and hatred. But sin does not cause hurricanes, volcanos, and tidal waves. They happen to people whether the people are good or bad. Don't look for a punishing God in these things.

The readings in church on the 24th Sunday in
Ordinary Time proclaim the mercy of God. God can judge us, and punish us, God has the right and the power to do that, but again and again, we see that God chooses NOT to punish us. God's blessings fall on the good and the bad. You can find passages in the bible that seem to say God punishes bad people, but you can also read the book of JOB in the Bible. The book of JOB in the Old Testament explains that suffering can happen for NO REASON, even if you are good, and JOB was a good man. Jesus criticized people who said people are punished in this life for their sins, with poverty, sickness, war, famine, and earthquakes. Jesus said that idea is a bunch of baloney. God has MERCY on us.

What kind of parent would correct his children by killing one of them?? God is not like that. I feel sorry for people who believes in a God that wants to punish and kill people. These people believe a lie about God.

Then, if God did not cause the sad thing that happened to our country, then what is God doing? Why did God let it happen. No one knows any answers to this. No one.

What we do know is that we have a loving God. Whenever there is tragedy, GRACE is there, the love of God in action, present to us and very powerful. That Grace is with us everyday, if we see it. It was especially with us last Tuesday.
What are the signs of God's grace? People risking their lives to save others. People donating money and time to help. People respecting each other, and criticizing people who try to blame others sins for all this. All of that good stuff is a sure sign of grace. Many people are saying not to blame Muslim people and Arab people. That tolerant attitude is God's grace happening.

WEB SITES to help you cope with the September 11th Tragedy: (for children) (for teens)

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