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MOTHER MARIE DES ANGES ( 1845 to 1909 )

MOTHER MARIE DES ANGESSteadfast and strong in faith, she guided the Apostolic Carmel, from the time of its inception till her death forty years later. She steered its course from practically the very beginning of the Congregation. She was among the first candidates to be received by Mother Veronica, the foundress; one of the first three to come to India immediately after her profession; the first novice mistress, a post she held for twenty-two years; and the first superior general, filling that office for nearly forty years. Her strength of purpose, her clear-sightedness and humility were her support. Hers was the task of deepening the Spirit, strengthening the foundations, consolidating and returning to commitment. Her forty years of unbroken leadership brought the congregation, before her death, to a point where all looked up to her and the other sisters for the solid education and the all round training they imparted in their schools.

MOTHER M. ALOYSIA ( 1855 to 1939 )

MOTHER M. ALOYSIAA keen witted, wide in outlook and sympathy, a sharp judge of character, outspoken in defence of truth, clinging fiercely to principle, Mother Aloysia was none-the-less gentle, cheerful and kind. She stood at the pilot's wheel for eighteen long years over a critical period. In 1926 the Constitutions were sent to the Holy See and the Decree of Praise obtained. It was a red letter day in the history of the A.C. It was spring time in the field of A.C. education, with schools renewed, new ones built, syllabi revised and modernised. The crown of her educational work was Saint Agnes First Grade College, the first Catholic womens college, which today has more than a thousand young girls on its rolls. In the field of education her name still conjures up a vision, restores ideals and awakens inspiration.

MOTHER M. JOSEPHINE ( 1886 to 1963 )

MOTHER M. JOSEPHINEShe went down the road of perfection to the last detail, dutiful and firm, yet gracious and elegant was Mother Josephine, who was destined to be at the helm for eighteen years. She opened twenty-five convents in quiet towns and noisy cities. Prayer was the strength of her life, and she never tired of speaking of prayer to the sisters she had to guide. She established kingdoms - not to display military prowess, but established communities dedicated to Christ and Our Mother of Carmel, promoting literacy, and assisting the needy, in areas which European congregations had not penetrated. She, with the zeal and co-operation of the A.C.s of her time tapped virgin soil in India and Sri Lanka.

MOTHER M. ANNUNCIATA ( 1891 to 1936 )

MOTHER M. ANNUNCIATAStrong in the spirit, but frail in health, she was willing to die for the Congregation, if not able to serve it in this life. In twenty months she saw the dawn of the eternal day. Gentle, quiet, unassuming, a woman of the gentle touch was Mother Annunciata. Her first task was the revision of our Constitutions and so they were sent to the Press. The Bond of Love to be maintained by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel is a legacy and pious tradition was started by her. During her short tenure she opened one convent at Tambaraam, Tamil Nadu.

MOTHER M. SYLVIA ( 1902 to 1977 )

MOTHER M. SYLVIAOutstanding in learning even as in spiritual depth, she served with zeal as Mistress of Novices before being elected as Superior General. During her two terms of office she opened no less than twenty-six convents. She was one of the most talented sisters of the Apostolic Carmel. Though frail in health, she had twelve years of toil, struggle, foundations, interviews and journeys even to Rome to a conference of Major Superiors. Perfect to the core she called her sisters to scale higher heights.

MOTHER M. THEODOSIA ( 1899 to 1995 )

MOTHER M. THEODOSIAAs the pilot at the helm in the centenary year, her name "God's Gift" rightly means so. With broad vision and strength of mind, she steered the Institute as Superior General during the challenging post Vatican II years and initiated the renewal and adaptations of the religious life demanded by the Holy See. Her distinctive service to the Church in India will always be remembered in Institute Mater Dei, Goa and the CRI (women's Section) of which she was the Founder President. The country recognized her singular services to the people. The "Award of Honour" for 'outstanding persons' in South Kanara, and Kaiser-i-Hind silver medal was awarded in 1946. The Padma Shree award was bestowed on her by the President of India in 1971 and finally in 1990 the Women's Association of Patna honoured her, the grand old religious woman of India, with a citation and token gift, to express their lasting gratitude to her.

MOTHER M. CARMELITA ( 1972 to 1984 )

MOTHER M. CARMELITAA woman of God, a woman for others, Mother Carmelita was blessed with a great mind and a great heart. She possessed in generous measure, initiative, tact and a fine sense of humour, determination and common sense. Her greatest achievement if it may be termed so was the birth of a new spirit in the Apostolic Carmel -- the love of Carmel. She organised the Archives of the Congregation on a scientific database along sound historical lines. It was through her initiative largely that the 'veiled' figure of the Foundress of the Apostolic Carmel, Mother Veronica of the Passion emerged. Thirty-six new convents were opened, forging ahead into Pakistan. Her other tasks were the opening of "Maria Kripa" the house of prayer and centre for Indian and Carmelite Spirituality, the annexe for the old and sick sisters at Maryhill Convent, Mangalore and the Apostolic Carmel Seva Kendra at Bangalore for wider outreach to the poor.

MOTHER MARIELLA ( 1984 to 1996 )

MOTHER MARIELLAA far sighted architect of structural buildings, a person of prayer and a lover of the poor and marginalised, she led the Congregation forward with commitment towards the initiation of the Cause of the beatification of our Foundress, Mother Veronica. She took a bold step in faith for an opening in the Eternal City, Rome and the Continent of Africa. The idea of Apostolic Carmel Associates was mooted by her. Her keen and active interest in both the initial and on-going formation of the sisters resulted in a new place of residence 'Saranya' - a boon not only for the juniors' extended formation and A.C. groups but even to other Religious Congregations.

Very Rev. SISTER M. VINCENT A.C. ( 1996 to 2008)

SISTER M. VINCENTThe person at the helm at the start of the new Millennium was Very Rev. Sr. Vincent, steering the wheel with love of God and man. A person of farsighted vision, meticulous planning, creative thinking and human empathy, she extended the A.C. apostolate by taking over the administration of the Home for the Aged in Perugia, Italy. She strengthened the links with the Betharram Fathers and their co-foundress, Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified by accommodating them at Maria Kripa. It was she who organised and trained sisters to direct the A.C. journey of sisters, staff and students through Charism retreats. She implemented the idea of extending the A.C. family to lay associates viz. Apostolic Carmel Associates and Carmel Blossoms. The first part of the diocesan process of the Cause of Mother Veronica was concluded and has now obtained the Decree of Validity to this effect.

Very Rev. SISTER AGATHA MARY A.C. ( 2008 - 2014 )

SISTER AGATHA MARYVery Rev. Sr. Agatha Mary is the 10th Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel. She was elected on May 18, 2008 at the 18th Ordinary General Chapter of the Congregation. She assumed her servant leadership in the spirit of the Master, with a forward looking hope of walking in the footsteps of her predecessors. Her deep faith in God, spirit of prayer and simplicity of life makes her stand in the strength of God. The gifts of her heart and mind–sustained attention to study the signs of the times and to respond to them, personal touch towards the sisters, especially the aged and ailing, compassion and respect for God’s poor put in action by providing shelter to many needy families, her efforts in greening the earth and increasing water resources everywhere and above all her experience of having led the Province of Karnataka for four terms, will go a long way to bring blessing and fruitfulness to her new leadership. The Institute looks to her to carry forward the cause of Mother Veronica and raise her to sainthood. She will be ushering in the first death centenary year of Mother Marie des Anges, the first Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel.

At the Helm:
Very Rev. SISTER M. SUSHEELA A.C. ( 2014 )

SISTER M. SUSHEELAThe 18th of May 2014 was indeed an auspicious day for the A.C. family as Sr. M. Susheela A.C. assumed office as the 11th Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation, along with her Councillors. May the good Lord continue to shepherd His Chosen One and lead her to fresh and green pastures. We pledge our love, loyalty and obedience to our new leader and look forward to new horizons of being God's compassionate presence in the world through the leadership of the new team!

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