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What can you do to defend your faith and keep your family Catholic?

*  Pray every day for personal renewal and the renewal of our Catholic Church

*  Study literature about Catholic faith, especially official church documents and authoritative presentations of teaching, eg pamphlets prepared by Catholics for Truth

*  Study Scripture and find the basis of Catholic beliefs solidly based on the Bible

*  Dialog lovingly with those influenced by false teaching. Try to understand their objections and find credible answers to what they query.

*  Pray for guidance. Then witness to doubters about the glorious treasure of our faith. 

*  Pass on literature or tapes that summarise clearly and in a convincing manner what Catholics believe.

*  Join Catholics for Truth: subscription $20 (international) or R50 (S Africa). You will get copies of all current tracts and any new releases for a year. Cheques should be in favour of J Lee and post to PO Box 82328, Southdale 2135, South Africa.

*  Your financial support will enable us to extend our ministry to include tapes and videos.