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Catholics for truth is an independent organization of informed and concerned Catholics who defend the Church against attacks and work for renewal.

We started with a grant from the Diocese of Johannesburg: all our literature is approved by the Church and scanned by Fr Michael Austin, SJ.

*  We have seen many friends and family members leave the Catholic Church and want to stop Catholics leaving their faith and joining fundamentalist  churches

*  We want to dispel false propaganda about what Catholics believe

*  Above all else we seek to be instruments in bringing Catholics to an ever-deepening personal relationship with Christ and renewing the Catholic communities so no-one will want to leave the Church


Annual membership will entitle you to a free copy of all tracts produced. You will be informed about all our activities.  Suggested donation for annual membership and a complete set of tract $20 (international) or R50 (Southern Africa

To join us or order tracts phone (011)643-4313 (South Africa) or 2711 643-4313(International). Email fbompas@icon.co.za.  Post: PO Box 82328, Southdale 2135, S Africa. Fax 2711 339-2857

Cheques should be made out in favour of J Lee.  Funds can be deposited in ABSA savings account 10471885, at ABSA Bank, Braamfontein Johannesburg.)


Catholics for Truth operates with the blessing and encouragement of the Catholic Diocese of Johannesburg in South Africa and has been highly commended by several Southern African bishops